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this is about all my army right now

comments most welcome

do the scouts look wolfie enough? its a basic scout pack with chaos mmarouder arms and close combat weapons, spacewolves heads on some
[Thumb - spacewolves2 002.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 004.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 006.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 007.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 009.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 011.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 012.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 013.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 014.jpg]

[Thumb - wolflord 004.jpg]

[Thumb - bloodclaw 001.jpg]

[Thumb - longfang 006.jpg]

[Thumb - spacewolves2 014.jpg]

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They look good but please make a little more detailed paintjob.

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They look good but please make a little more detailed paintjob.

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I'm lovin' the axe on the one scout.

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The scouts look very wolfie

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