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Made in be
Fresh-Faced New User

work in progress
[Thumb - tombe 007.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 008.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 011.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 015.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 017.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 017.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 018.jpg]

[Thumb - tombe 019.jpg]

Made in us
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

West Virginia

Pretty good idea! I like where this is going. Is this going to be an objective marker?

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Made in be
Fresh-Faced New User

i'd say yes
still needs work though ^^
Made in fr
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Annapolis, MD, USA

Wouldn't the Body be in the tomb, so as to stop scavengers/looters? And don't they recycle armor? Not trying to ruin the Idea but I think it could be done better, as a super detailed ornate tomb. Without the body.

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Ozymandias wrote:
Pro-painted is the ebay modeling equivalent of "curvy" in the personal ads...
H.B.M.C. wrote:
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Made in gb
Noble of the Alter Kindred

United Kingdom

Like the idea of a tomb - though my SW's will be sent to Valhalla in a burning Speeder!

Would place the figure further up the tomb if he isn't glued down Alfa

Taking Ghost's point the figure could be painted the same colour as the tomb so it was like a carving, similar to mediaeval tombs with knights on top.
Otherwise who knows what burial practice SW's had. Maybe they do leave the bodies exposed for Ravens and Wolves. Or am I forgetting Emprah worship- oopsy ever the heretic

anyways nice idea!

Made in be
Fresh-Faced New User

as a matter of fact i'm also making a glass sphere to stand over the altarlike tomb but that reflects on pics ^^ just to protect the boby, like a powerfield :p
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