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You may or may not have seen the elites i posted here some time ago,http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/286254.page#1497882
but i have now created the next step in my Covenant Separatist, counts-as Eldar army, A Hunter, known in alien speak as Mgalekgolo, (but Hunter is easier as i don't really know how to pronounce a word like 'mgalekgolo')
He (or she, impossible to tell) will count as my Eldar Wraithlord, as if you have played halo you should know that they are very tough, have huge guns and are very strong..
but also have no eyes, which accounts for the Wraithsight. The main components are a Chaos Obliterator, for the size, lots of greenstuff, which is obvious, despite my rubbish sculpting, and some floor panels from some ruin kit, which i have used to make the shield. i shall post the painted pictures when it is painted, and my camera is sent back from the camera fixers.
without further ado, Pictures! hooray!

[Thumb - 1.JPG]
front of hunter

[Thumb - 2.JPG]
side of hunter

[Thumb - 3.JPG]
back of hunter

[Thumb - 5.JPG]
top of hunter

[Thumb - 6.JPG]
other picture 1

[Thumb - 7.JPG]
and another picture

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Looks good but why did you start a new thread?

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Why? because the previous thread was full of Elites, and about Elites, and this is not an Elite, nor is it about Elites, it is a Hunter. I am not done with elties, and when i make some more elites, that is where they will be posted to, and when i post the second, much better Hunter, this is where it will go.
makes sense to me.
or why did i edit this thread? that is because like the fool i am i forgot to add pictures to it after saying 'Pictures!', so i had to add pictures to it.
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Lord of the Fleet


Sweet conversion, although some of the GS around the Fuel Rod Cannon could use some smoothing. You could add Necron green rods to act as the Fuel Rod cannisters that you see in the game.

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I remember when I was younger I always wanted there to be Halo WH models. Sighs.

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The Emperor of Mankind wrote:I remember when I was younger I always wanted there to be Halo WH models. Sighs.

Sigh, I still do great work btw, can't wait to see it painted!

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Sheffield, England

You could always look into the OoP Haloclix models - though the OP has done a pretty good job here.

You have all the basic shapes done well, but there's a lot of obvious fingerprints, gaps, etc. Take the time to smooth things over.

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Valkyrie, i have added some green rods borrowed from a friend at gaming club, and painted pictures will be added soon

Dreadnote, you and Valkyrie have both pointed out the need for smoothing on the model and specifically cannon. i shall do my best to do this better on the next one.
at the local club, he managed to kill 6 necron destroyers and swat a lord in 2 turns, so i think he will be staying.
more pictures soon, as he(she?) is all painted now
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Sheffield, England

I'm not sure you can assign gender to a worm colony...

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Building a titan? Make sure you pick the right size for your war engine!

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