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Here are some pics of a wolf priest and a blood claw i finished. I know the priest doenst have his backpack since I am magnatizing a normal one and a jump pack one. I know I am not the best painter but these are some of my better ones. all suggestions as to how to do better are welcome and I know i need to get better pics but this is my first attempt at posting this.
[Thumb - wolf figs 2.0 008.JPG]

[Thumb - wolf figs 2.0 007.JPG]

[Thumb - wolf figs 002.JPG]

[Thumb - wolf figs 2.0 003.JPG]

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EDIT: Welp, wrong forum.

Anyway, I like these Wolves alright. That light baby blue isn't really my choice of colors for Space Wolves though.

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space puppies nawwwww!...huh?......OW CR@P WHY ARE YOU CHAINSAWING MY ARM OFF!!

looks good but the photos are a git out of focus, to get a better finish i would use 2 light sources so it gets all the detail. the bottom one is good though is he a wolf priest? or chaplain?

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@physcosamatic: "Wolf priest" is Fenrisian for "chaplain".

I like them! Even if you dont agree with the choise of colour, the colours you have chosen work really well together.
On a funny sidenote, I have recently lightened up my SW to almost the exact same hue of blue

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