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[PICS] BLITZKRIEG BATTLE MISSION - IG Suicide Legion vs Grots - 1000pts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

So, we tried out our first game from the Battle Missions book today - a Blitzkreig between Grots and IG. We realised afterwards that we should have chosen our forces AFTER selecting the mission, to make them a bit more suited. The Blitzkrieg mission favours fast attack. All fast attack units start on the board, and everything else is placed in reserve. Otherwise it's table quarters and objectives.

ArbitorIan's 117th Drade Suicide Legion - 1000pts IG

* Primaris Psyker
* Primaris Psyker
* Psychic Battle Squad
* Psychic Battle Squad
* Veteran Squad (3 Meltaguns) in a Chimera
* Veteran Squad (2 Flamers, 1 Heavy Flamer) in a Chimera
* Veteran Squad (3 Grenade Launchers, 1 Autocannon)
* Penal Legion Squad
* 3 Scout Sentinels (Lascannons)

Panic's Grots - 1000pts Orks

* Big Grotmek (KFF)
* 3 Megagrots
* 21 Grots
* 12 Grots
* 12 Grots
* 3 Killa Kanz
* 3 Killa Kanz
* 3 Killa Kanz
* 3 Buggies
* 3 Buggies

The ork army set up first in this mission, and they grabbed the central area, hiding around the big building. The Scout Sentinels then deployed in cover to the north. The grots prepare for their first turn of firing However, IG steal the initiative and open fire first. They stun a few things, but the return fire from the Grots destroys one Sentinel.

In the second turn, the Veterans and one PBS and Primaris turn up, as do the first two squads of Kans. The IG concentrate fire on the Buggies still and manage to destroy some weapons, but fire from the Buggies kills the Primaris and immobilises a Chimera and the Meltavets inside have to get out and walk.

The next PBS and another Primaris turn up and the Meltavets advance firing. Massed IG fire has an effect on the buggies, almost wiping them out, but it's not enough!

In the ork turn, grots start arriving and moving towards objectives, while the Kan wall continues to advance without casualties.

Around turn four, the IG firing line finally manage to take out all the buggies and eliminate the possibility of last minute objective grabs. Our second Primaris psyker does particularly well, taking out most of a nearby squadron.

However now all the grots are on the board and the green tide has made massive advances, despite a well targeted bout of combines PBS fire making the Mek and Megagrots flee. They rally, and the Kans move in range to do some damage in turn five.

Turn five starts with some objective grabbing from the IG Flamer squad in their Chimera.

The Meltavets then move into the nearest Kan unit, destroying two with fire, before charging to blow up the final one with Krak Grenades. However, they all miss, and the Kan wins the combat, advancing into the Veterans and wiping them out! The Kan advances towards the PBS in the rubble.

In the ork turn, the Grots on the left still can't seem to roll high enough to contest their objective, but some more Kans assault the Flamervets' Chimera, blowing it up and killing all but three vets. At the end of the fifth turn, IG sitll hold two objectives and orks none, but we roll and score another turn...

In Guard turn six, everything concentrates fire on the Grots, the last three flamers making a last stand before being cut down next turn. However, the KFF protects and the Grot Squads simply won't flee. On the left however, a combines PBS and Primaris shooting/Weaken Resolve attack wipes out the Grots looking to contest the Legionnaires' objective.

The two Grots squads, despite heavy fire from the PBS and IG elements, then advance onto two of the objectives at the end of turn six. Another round of IG shooting is ineffective, except to keep at bay the dangerous last Kan.

And at the end of the game, the Grots hold two of the objective and the Legionnaires have one. The tables turned in the last two turns of the game and Grots win!

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Made in us
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Loved the first battle report! This one was just as good!

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Silverdale, WA

Another fantastic report. Thanks guys!

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Made in us
Mimetic Dakini

Virginia Beach

Very good report. I love your IG!

2000~ The Damned Saint's Faithful  
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

This BattleMission was fun.

The static objective set up makes this mission much more balanced than the basic missions in the 5th ed rule book.

In battle Missions you are supposed to pick your army after you pick which mission your playing...
We didn't, we already had these lists ready.
Although I don't think I'd have changed my list much, maybe swap 3 kans for 3 more buggies?

I had alot of trouble getting my troops to the objectives as they got stuck behind the Kans who were passing along the bottle neck at the bottom of the board. but they made it by turn 7!


Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

i like the addition of the overhead pictures. it gives the report the added flavor of vassal pics but without the cartoony look.

Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


Good report. Interesting to see you were able to get at objectives, it's what I fear most with my grot list. How do you fare in capture and control missions with this army?

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

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From 'The Plucking of Gindoo Phlem' 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Mostly I find that the grots are normally left untouched, as the opponent spends most of the game fighting/Worring about the Kans and Buggies.

Grots themseleves are very squishy with WS2 T2 and the only hope they have of doing damage in combat is the herders... generally once in combat they get murdered and they are forced to take seriously difficult Ld tests..

But I've found that leaving one squad of Kans next to a squad of objective claiming grots is a great deterant.


Made in nl
Boosting Space Marine Biker


Great report again, love these armies.
Panic wrote:In battle Missions you are supposed to pick your army after you pick which mission your playing...

Aha, I didn't know that. My wife and I played the same mission last weekend, she had footslogging/gunline orks. The first 3 turns were so boring we were about to stop We had a turn 6 game turn around as well btw.

I'm not sure what to think about picking armies after the mission.
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