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Hey guys, my name is Jason and i just wanted to let everyone know about my transaction with strixstruma
He had a posting on Libarium Online, selling an eldar army and a tau army this was back in January. We negotiated quite easily and frequently through January and we came to an agreement. As such i have neither recieved the eldar or tau, and the last i heard from him was in march. In Feb he said that his mom was having health problems at one point after he recieved my end of the deal, and that he was taking care of her so he hasnt had time to ship his stuff to me. A couple of weeks went by and then he says that he is going to ship it out. Then a month goes by and i still havent recieved my package. I live in Ontario and he lives in NY its not really that far away lol it should not take a month for it to get to me if he did ship it out. So i tried contacting him again multiple times. And this was the last email i recieved on march 20/2010. "hey sorry for the really long time to reply. there was a death in the family and i had to attend to matters. So anyways i got back home yesterday to find my package and a note with that says "Denied by Canadian Customs." So im heading over to the post office and see whats up about this. I will contact you later with what they said etc." That was on March 20/2010. Its now may11/2010 lol and ive emailed him alot since then, hoping that he would respond.

I just wanted to let you guys know so that no one else makes a deal with him, if anyone else has had a problem with him add a reply so that people know

Im gonna file a fraud charge against him soon if he doesnt get his act together and send me the stuff.

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Moore, Ok.

thanks for the Heads up.

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Please try to avoid the speculative comments and restricts posts in this thread to helpful/informative posts only. I'm gonna clean out this thread

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