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Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

Hello Dakka!

Just a few words to explain that this blog was originally a PM thread named "The lost Knights" dedicated to a single squad of my CSMs.
Since it's been moved to a PM Blog, I've decided to dedicate it to my whole CSM legion: the Lost.
I just hope you'll like what you'll see there.

Original post:

Hi everyone!

I've recently started a new squad of CSMs for my vanilla CSMs army the lost prophets. The principle of this army is simple : no visible mark of any specific god, no classic CSM helmet, and the same dark purple and gold color scheme for the armour.

Looking at my bitz box some times ago , I found and amazing quantity of WoC shields and I thought of using them on Chaos space marines to count as a mark of Tzeentch and to give them a very specific look.

Here are the first WIP pics (sorry for the blurry ones!)

The last two pics are from the same model, I've just magnetized the right arm to switch the special weapon.

Here's the colour scheme I will probably use, but perhaps it's too dark:

I still don't know what kind of bases I should make for them.

Any idea or comment is welcome.

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Made in nl
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Personally I don't really like CSM's.. but these are just awesome

color scheme looks great too though maybe you should paint the robe in a lighter color..

''compromise is surrender''

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Made in gb
Blood-Raging Khorne Berserker


I love the look, I've done my non-plague plague marines in a similar way, shields to represent their enhanced resilience.

On the paint scheme though, your photo is dark, but your scheme looks very dark as well!

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Made in ca
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

Portsmouth, UK

These look very cool. Nice conversions.


Made in us
Bounding Assault Marine


Very cool! I am excited to see how they look painted.
Made in us
Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Crusading deep in the Eastern Fringe.

Cool! I like this a lot. Where did you get the heads? They're very knighty, and I think I could use some of those.

No pity!
No remorse!
No fear!
Made in us
Ferocious Blood Claw


Great looking conversions, even though they are followers of the dark gods.

Made in gb
Pulsating Possessed Chaos Marine

Somewhere in space, close to Beetlejuice

Loving the use of the MaxMini heads ^^ Models looking awesome, waiting eagerly for more!

Made in gb
Esteemed Veteran Space Marine

Sheppey, England

I really, really like these. Quite a simple, uncluttered look, nicely uniform. Perhaps a touch more purple in the robes?

As for the base, perhaps something light to balance out the dark figures, like a grey rubble / concrete look?

Click for a Relictors short story: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/412814.page

And the sequels HERE and HERE

Final part's up HERE

Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

Thank you guys!

I agree that the black robes are too dark and I'd like to paint them a lighter color, but which color should I use with a purple armour? Wouldn't adding purple in the robes be too much purple on the mini?

The bases are probably going to be grey, but what should they represent? Ruins? Metal floor? Barren ground? Anything else?

If you have any idea or inspiration source, I'd be glad to read it!

Made in jp
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

Chiba, Japan

These guys look properly brutal! At the moment the colour scheme isn't really working for me though. I'm actually having trouble trying to work out why it is but I think maybe with the helm, wings and shoulder pads all being the same colour there's too much purple concentrated at the top of the mini, leaving it looking a little unbalanced.
Really love the conversions though, especially the guy with the raised bolter and shield.

By the way, do they still kill the old way?

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Made in us
Hellish Haemonculus

Boskydell, IL

I agree that the purple all at the top of the mini is a little unbalancing, but I would suggest that doing the membranes on the wings in black would fix that. I like this design because it has an elegant feel to it. Most Chaos marines have a more disorderly, dilapidated feel that makes them look less like warriors and more like spacefaring meth addicts. This has a more insidious, villainous quality to it. I hope to see more.

Welcome to the Freakshow!

(Leadership-shenanigans for Eldar of all types.) 
Made in au
Sinewy Scourge

Western Australia

The wing membranes definitely need to be a different colour, you're losing all the detail in the muscles and struts.

Maybe keep the purple base to the tones but pull it around the wheel a bit. So, use a mixture of purple and shadow grey, maybe? Or scab red and maybe a touch of black? (Dark grey/blacks highlighted into scab red might work too.)

Kabal of Venomed Dreams
Mourning Angel
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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Try to make a lighter shade of purple for the wings and work your way up to it. They look great otherwise.

Boyz before toyz
Boyz before toyz
boyz before toyz 
Made in us
Ship's Officer

Very nice. The paint scheme could use some more highlights, but other than that, these are pretty damn close to my perfect image of CSM marines.

Dark robes, shields, epic helmets... I'm thoroughly impressed.

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 H.B.M.C. wrote:

Yeah! Who needs balanced rules when everyone can take giant stompy robots! Balanced rules are just for TFG WAAC players, and everyone hates them.

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Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate

Well, in fact the winged CSM is one of my count as raptor, I've used this picture to show what color scheme I had already used on robed CSMs.

My problem is that I'd like to paint the robes in a different way rather than on the raptor example, in order to make a clear distinction between the two squads (OK, I know the wings are already a clear distinction ). Perhaps with a light grey or a dark red? Some kind of blue?

What do you think? any idea for the bases too?

Made in se
Imperial Agent Provocateur

in the heart of sweden. Mullsjo; near Jonkoping

Wow nicely done! I say make the bases some kind of snow or snowy landscape. The white from the snow is sure to be a contrast against the purple and black colour on your marines.


My current armies are IG Valahallans done in a ww2 style soveits and Bad Moon Orks.
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IG soviet inspierd Valhallans 4500p 
Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

Avach wrote:Wow nicely done! I say make the bases some kind of snow or snowy landscape. The white from the snow is sure to be a contrast against the purple and black colour on your marines.

I like this idea, I'll prepare some test bases with various themes, but the snowy landscape seems appealing.

Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

I've finished the squad, here are some new pics:

Next: snowy bases and paint.

Made in au
Swift Swooping Hawk

Canberra, Australia

Wow, these look great. Much better then normal CSM. Not a fan of dark colours though. It hides the detail if done badly. Still, could work.

If you go dark, don't use pure black. Its like using pure white on a bright mini. WAY TOO MUCH for the eyes. Grey's are your friend.

Currently collecting and painting Eldar from W40k.  
Made in ca
Mutated Chosen Chaos Marine

In a Toyota, plotting revenge.

Great work!

metallifan said: I almost wonder is "Matt Ward" another pen name for C.S. Goto?
metallifan said: The Imperium would probably love Hitler...
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Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains


Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

Here are some news!

I've almost finished the paint job, every model is now based on snowy urban bases.
I've used the same color scheme as for my Lost Angels, but I've added some more Warlock purple wash to get it a little more contrasted. I just have to finish gold, highlight the black robes, and paint the skulls and gems.

I'll probably try a freehand job on the banner, representing a blindfolded skull.

By the way, here's a WIP of the bases (which are now grey and snowy)

I expect to be able to post pictures of the finished models within 15 days (If my 3 months old daughter leaves me enough time to get a hand on my paint box )

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

Nice bases.

Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

Some news: The whole squad is almost finished (I still have to paint some details) and here's the result:

I know, it's a little too dark on the picture, but I wished to follow my legion's colour scheme (and it's not that dark in reality).

So what do you think?

Made in au
Cutting stuff up and bunging it back together in new and interesting ways.

Under the couch

Looking good so far.

Moving this one over to Blogs...

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

New York, Technocratic People's Republic of Vinnland

I rather like the purple and gold scheme. With such nicely converted figs it was hard to imagine colors that would work well on them, it looks really strong over all. Any close-up pics on individual figs?

My blog about old minis, painting, restoring, sculpting: http://gholascale.blogspot.com/ 
Made in fr
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Amiens -France-

I will try to post close-up pictures today.

Since this post has been moved to P&M blogs, I think I will dedicate it to my CSM legion as a whole.

I've already posted some of the pictures you'll see there in various threads but rarely grouped or showing a real WIP progression.

The Lost Knights you've already seen are a variant of the Lost Angels (my 'count as' Raptors) for which I started to convert robed bodies from the DA veteran sprue, as shown in this tuto: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/307974.page

In fact I went to the whole fallen angel stuff (robes and wings) because I wasn't sure if I could convert the raptors models easily, so that they would fit my legion's main features (which implies WoC like heads or proxies).

Here's the result so far (I still haven't finished to paint them):

I'll soon finish to paint the details and I will probably add some warlock purple wash on the armor.
C&C welcome.

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

Do you wash your gold?

Made in gb
The Hammer of Witches

cornwall UK

I think your fallen angel winged dudes are far better than the regular raptors - which always struck me as looking like they have the head-board of a very Gothic bed stuck on their backs - to stiff and lifeless

Actually I'm thinking of the ones from the late 90s - not the very recent ones - they are pretty cool

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