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Made in gb
Revered Kroothawk

west london

The new FW Battlesuits look amazing, so much better than regular GW suits. I also like the whole concept of Commander Farsight and so put the two ideas together to make my own. I'm not convinced by the blade though so may revisit it and attempt a crystal blade or green cyrstal blade . Hope you like it, C&C welcome.
[Thumb - IMG_5256.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_5249.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_5250.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_5251.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_5253.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_5254.JPG]

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

The Battle Barge Buffet Line

i like it... it's different but maintains the tau aethestic. i only wish the stats were as mean as it looks!

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Made in cn
Blackclad Wayfarer

From England. Living in Shanghai

Very clean and crisp...just how the tau should be. I like it. Great job.

Looking for games in Shanghai? Send a PM 
Made in us
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

I think you did a great job.
Made in ca
Renegade Inquisitor with a Bound Daemon

Tied and gagged in the back of your car

Don't change anything, that sword is perfect. The most it could use is a bit of blending to make it look all power-weapony.
Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

looks good imo. even the blade.

Made in at
Deranged Necron Destroyer

I like it, but could you take a shot that shows off the blade more?
Made in gb
Revered Kroothawk

west london

Cheers for the comments, very kind. It's been a while, but things have been hectic. Anywho, here's a better picture of the blade.
[Thumb - IMG_5260.JPG]

Made in de


VERY nice!!
Made in au
Road-Raging Blood Angel Biker

NSW, Australia

Very nice work. Brilliant idea.

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Made in gb
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot


Impressive conversion.


FW Epic Bunker: £97,871.35. Overpriced at all?

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Made in au
Tunneling Trygon

Similar to the Energy Sword used by the Elites in Halo.
Made in at
Deranged Necron Destroyer

Looks even better than I thought. You cut it out of plasticard?
Made in gb
Ambitious Marauder

I like how simple the blade is. A dark green highlighted on the edges with a lighter green.

Meh armez

Iron knights=785
Chaos warriors= 1500

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Runnin up on ya.

Nice! I wish I could paint that well.

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