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Made in hk
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Hong Kong

So for my space wolves i just finished my first model. Sadly when i attempted a decal on the shoulder pad it didn't stay on. Inspired by Adam on space wolves blogspot i decided to paint the decal instead. Heres the result. This is my first one and the texture of the paint on the shoulder pad is sorta bumpy but i'll be sure to water down my paint more next time.

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it looks a lot better in real life
[Thumb - P1000472.JPG]
picture of the decal i was copying

[Thumb - P1000462.JPG]

[Thumb - P1000470.JPG]

[Thumb - P1000471.JPG]

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Made in us

The paint dungeon, Arizona

The freehand symbol looks good

But I think I can see why the decal wouldnt stick- that rough grainy finish you have on that fig. Decals work best when used on a smooth surface- otherwise you need to use a setting solution to soften the decal so it can settle over all those surface irregularities.
Made in hk
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Hong Kong

Thats what i hear. Apparently the decals don't work too well on curved surfaces. Using those solutions helps but i'm finding it fun and unique to do it myself

Made in us
Sybarite Swinging an Agonizer

Commorragh (Southlake Texas)

Looks good

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Decals best adhere to smooth gloss surfaces, and unfortunately you marine appears to have a rough finish to the paint.

Keep coats of paint smooth by thinning the paint. Then you paint an area with gloss varnish and let dry before applying the decal. You can use products like Micro Sol to soften the decal further. When all dry you can paint over with matt varnish or even better Testors Dullcote for a really flat finish. You won't be able to see the decal at all.
Made in hk
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Hong Kong

Actually the only bumpy area was the yellow because i didn't water down the foundation paint enough. The rest of the marine is smooth but its because of the drybrushing and flash that make it more rough and splotchy

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