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Chicago IL

Painted Army? What is this thing you speak of? Painting for me is when I get to it thing. I got my WHFB Dwarves when they came out and I painted my Thane (hero) and badly primed the rest. Ha, even then I still have my cannon and catapute to prime, and I have been playing ever since. I am in the middel of painting my IG and I got I squad and three fourths of another one done in eight Months. Which is a new record for me. I never really got how people just CAN"T play with an unpainted army. I got in to the game to play every thing else is in far second.
As for Mech Clicks I find they are great models. I have my Malice right in front of me and you know with its 10 front and 9 side/rear armor with 4 Heavy Stubbers it is such a fun model to use (VDR for the win). So the system its for is defunked or bad as long as the model looks good I am all for them on the table. If they are painted bad well so what? You would be two up on me with normal boring models and hardly painted armies.
Now then To AT-43 I too am wondering about the rule set. If they are good then alright, if not more IG for me. I do hope they are going to keep that super nice bipeal mech posted by Hellfury and the army that going to have it have many more versions.
I do hope they sell Cheaper non-painted models for if I can save a few bucks on models I do it.

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Regular Dakkanaut

there's more than one thread on AT-43 now, and we seem to be talking the most about 'pre-painted' in this one

as for quality, well, let's look at what existant Pre-painted figures are there

McFarlane toys has done a bunch of them over the years

this is from their series of dragons

there's some pre-painted Gundams.

Ultimate Operation series  about 3" tall

the quality is good, looks like the picture. I don't think pre-painted will be so bad.

They said you could still touch them up with paint right?

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Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

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I agree with HF, I just want to game. And I think the earlier mech is a pretty blatant ripoff of a Front Mission wanzer.  The Firetoad is much better, IMO.

I just hope it has an opening cockpit. Opening cockpits are awesome.

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Sri Lanka

This is excellent for prepainted.

Oh, and the models look good too.

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Redmond, WA

Awwwww crapp... another game system that looks too good to pass up!! ^____^;

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Been Around the Block


Does anyone know if it'll be a skirmish game or unit combat? Rackham has done both before now.

Also - generic wooh! Another 40k alternative (oh please don't fail me like SST did).

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