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Infiltrating Broodlord


Could that mean 2007 is the year of Dawn of War 2?

Whenever I play Company of Heroes, I imagine how cool it would be to play the game with 40k "models".

Schepp himself

P.S. oh and by the way, thanks for the review guys!

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Yellin' Yoof

Da Green Mountains

Why is there no CR-ROM version of this game anywhere??


Stop by and check it out. 
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Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

It's a new standard the vid-game industry is moving toward: PC-DVD.

It is nice the whole thing fits on one disc.  Plus, just about any PC with the power to run the game PROBABLY came with a DVD drive.

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Hangin' with Gork & Mork

I've seen it listed, I believe there are CD-ROM versions out there, just in small numbers. GameFAQs does list a CD Version as well. Now, they may have scrapped the CD Version in between the first info release and actuall release. If there is a CD-ROM version it will probably be fairly rare so you may have to order online or something to that effect.

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Fireknife Shas'el

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Go get yerself some stronghold smackdown love! That's where all the cool level design is in the game.

Funny thing about that Russ. I played again today and beat the IG stronghold. Mass amounts of krootoxen will do wonders. That's the thing - I might've not felt it in the original game since that had a storyline feel to it, but the game as a whole does seem like a mapped version of starcraft. Maybe it's just that I play Tau and the research trees are easier than marine/eldar, but it seems you can just go for plain massed krootoxen/kroot or skyray/firewarrior/suits. I dont' even bother with the broadsides since in any starcraft-like game the less you have to interact with the unit (meaning no special abilities), the better they are.


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