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What do you think about the new Guard Codex

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Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

I actually see a lot of flavor in the platoons. The mobbing affect, the HWs and SW squads, etc... The fact that a Command Squad isn't required anymore and you could actually run just vets or penal squads, unfortunately Grenadiers are unpleasantly overpriced/underpowered, but you have options. You could make a Penal Army lead by a Commissar Lord if you wanted!

The more I mull over the codex the more I like it in a vacuum, however it feels more like it should stand alone, like an "Armies of the Imperium" codex, a new and separate army altogether, rather than a new Imperial Guard codex (please note the distinct difference in the two titles). And lets face it, there are millions of worlds in the Imperium, but only one codex to represent them all is a bit absurd. It would do well to perhaps release another codex with a Guardier Guard codex, as the only forces that outnumber man in the galaxy are the Tyranids and the Orks. Why do the armies of the Imperium have but one codex?

I still stand that the new Guard Codex isn't a Guard Codex, and if it is, it is a gakky one at that, but hardly gak on its own in a vacuum.

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Pete Haines

Up North

I voted good, at the end of the day there's a lot more options for tank-lovers everywhere. The background is a little underwhelming but it was the new guy's first codex so on the whole good!

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Reverent Tech-Adept

The grim darkness of the far future

The new Codex has a terrible layout. You have to turn to the back of the book every time you want to see a units point cost.
All of the new tanks make up for its shortcomings though

Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

You left out the 'cheese' option.

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Regular Dakkanaut

San Francisco

Cheese Elemental wrote:I think the Arbiter has done quite well with this, actually. It's certainly got some interesting new stuff, and this is only his first codex. Granted, he's not as good at writing as Phil Kelly is, but it's not bad at all.

IG units can now run faster than "Fleet" units, regroup from situations where even Marines must continue to fall back, and fire twin-linked at vehicles, all with the support of fast skimmer transports, competent pyskers, and plasma tanks. Does this sound like Imperial Guard or Eldar?

The new IG Codex makes a good army. But is does a bad job satisfying the expectations of existing IG players. To name but one example, Veterans have had the option to take a pistol and sword since the first 3rd Ed. IG Codex. Allowing Veterans to take a pistol and sword would be in no way game breaking, would keep old models WYSIWYG, and would give players foolish enough to have created a "Warrior Weapons" army an opportunity to still take a legal force. It would also have been easy to create a solution to heavy weapon teams that did not demand players to re-base their models while simultaneously confusing their opponents.

Problems like these can only realistically be attributed to ignorance. Robin Cruddace did not know much about the Imperial Guard. His view of what a Sergent should be was informed by looking at the official photos, which uses a laspistol and sword. He saw the old metal Catatchan Lieutenant, so gave Lieutenants the options to take a bolt gun, but he didn't see the old metal Caidian Lieutenant, so there is no option to take a shotgun or a lasgun.

The fluff and modeling sections are similarly lifeless. The Imperial Guard represent the most diverse model range GW has ever released, and have lead to more unique conversions than any other army, but the book makes little mention of any of that.

Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


I think the new codex is fine.
IG players should not play their old armies according to the new rules, but redesign their armies accordingly.

Former moderator 40kOnline

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Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Virginia Beach, VA

I am miffed that they have (seemingly) again resigned the Storm Troopers to the "play if you aren't playing to win" category, as I absolutely love the Kasyrkin models. However, I haven't seen any army lists that go big with them yet, either.

The book's fluff is poor, but chances are, if you care about the fluff, you're creative enough to write your own or go on the internet and find some.

GW wouldn't make as much money if they always put out rules that didn't necessitate a rebuilding of your whole army from the ground below the foundations up.

Overall - OK.

Order of the Everlasting Ascension
7th Cypra Mundii "Dirty Devils" 
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Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

A Box

Yup im not really bothered on the fluff because ive made my own Regiment, Lucan Wolverines, and can make my own fluff for them!

Boom... Headshot

Made in us
Nasty Nob

Joplin, Missouri

I'm digging it. I like the orders system and I believe that it will be remembered long after the doctrines system. It kind of sucked that they raised costs with certain units, but from my collection the only thing that will affect me are the stormtroopers. I haven't used them in a while anyways so I'm seeing nothing but blue skies. I actually liked how they narrowed down the options for characters in the army. I always ran into wanting to overload my characters with equipment then having them die a horrible death. The lack of lasguns for the sgts didn't affect me too much. I already had a bunch modeled that way so I'll just switch them out. I think the SM codex set a great standard for how codices are written.

I'm looking forward to playing with the new Leman Russ variants and new Artillery pieces. I'm seeing a Griffon or two in my future. The Deathstrike was a nice addition, but I don't see myself using it in regular games. The Manticore and Hydra look pretty cool, but since I have neither I probably won't be investing in either of them. Probably my favorite unit now is the Hardened veterans. They took a hit, but with the move to Troops and my recent conversions, I expect to field at least two units.

I was going to wrap up my marines, but my beloved Guardsmen have become center stage for the summer.

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