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Monstrous Master Moulder

Sacramento, CA

I'd appreciate it if anyone could suggest a good alternative to GW's dirty dice.

One answer to eccentric dice is Gamescience. You can get their d6s for 75 cents each. That's a little steep, but still cheaper than the casino dice I've been able to find with a cursory search. Alternatively, you could just look for larger, sharper dice with the numbers marked on by anything other than drilled pips. I use Koplow 16mm word number dice. I bought them because I liked the design, but they also have the attributes to look for.

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Furious Raptor

Shanghai, China

Cheese Elemental wrote:If you don't have a bag of dice or the red whacking stick from Assault on Black Reach, rape is a viable option.

If I had a way to Rape my underperforming dice into submission I would.
But there are difficulties involved in such acts that I think should be reserved for the 40K randomness thread.

Mad Rabbit wrote:
Dracos wrote:This is the result of some direct factors such as the dice themselves and/or how you roll them, not some nebulous "luck" factor. What you are experiencing is likely confirmation bias (of your belief that you are a Low Roller).

If you want to ease the effect of statistical abnormalities then you need to increase the number of dice being rolled in any given situation.

More models = less impact on each roll.

If you believe yourself to be a "Low Roller" simply play an army that rolls lots of dice at once. Nids and Orks are good suggestions.

Too true. The power of suggestion is a factor.

I tend to do better when I roll the dice on a large open surface (usually an unused table next to the one I'm playing on), probably because it allows for more free rolling.

Either that or more power of suggestion.

Maybe you could borrow my technique. Extreme and creative profanity if a roll is significantly worse than it "should be." (i.e. 4 ones in 5 dice)

Though Extreme and creative profanity while children are present is satisfying, like prayer it gets few pertinent results.

Heavy drinking is also an option, it would solve the confirmation biase and provide a temporary solution to my "Dice rolling" problems. But it will definitly cause strategic errors....

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5th God of Chaos! (Yea'rly!)

The Great State of Texas

Modquisition on:

Joking about rape is not a valid point of discussion on Dakka.

Thread closed

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