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grizgrin wrote:It seemed, from his posts on the topic, that his only failing is in the department of social graces. As far as him "putting up" by winning (even BG) at a major, closest I ever heard was him throwin down against what's his name from the Wrecking Crew ( a WHOLE nother sore spot to many here on dakka; tread carefully unless oyu want to stir up crap). Their leader Mark or Matt or Mike or whatever. Stelek lost, I think he conceded but not sure dont recall too well. That was LVGT a couple years back?

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It was a private game; nothing connected with the rounds at the GT. Just an after-hours throw down.

Marc Parker (Stormboy97) beat Steleks Seer Council Eldar with his Horde Orks. (something Stelek basically claims as impossible)

Later, actually during the tournement. Stelek then faced off against another of our members, Brian Poole (WC_Brian) Tying him in the game, but getting the advantage in the tie. It was one of those systems where there were different levels of tying. Stelek boasted up and down that he had "won". He indeed "won" in that he scored more victory points, but the claim is rather deceptive. The result was a "Tie" Game where Stelek had received something on the order of 11pts and Brian 7pts before tertiery objectives were tallied.

A couple of months later....Stelek begins to claim that Marc's dice were loaded or some nonsense. A claim that is completely insane if you ask anyone who KNOWS Parker. Parker is one of those gamers that will whoop your a$$ and have you wanting to buy HIM a beer after the game.

Steleks W-L-T record against WC.... 0-1-1.....that makes us cheaters on his blog...ALL of us. Sounds fair.

I have never failed to seize on 4+ in my life!

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I probably should close this, much to my own dismay as the Chuck Norris like discussion is choice.

Oh well. Dakka official policy is to not permit threads where former posters can't defend themselves on this board, but yes, Stelek was banned after multiple warnings and suspensions. Moving on now.

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