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There were a LOT of Guard armies at our local 'Ard Boyz event...What'd it look like at yours?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Rough Rider with Boomstick


I think that Guard is great in theory hammer but actually playing a successful mech vet list is not as easy as it sounds. I know several players who tried it a few times and then went back to marines.

Most of the solid Mech Vet lists seem to have placed highly however so I think it will show up well in the hands of skilled generals.

Much like Eldar, if you know how to play it, you can do very well but it is not an army that plays itself at all so its very easy to suck with guard.

Big Troy, The Samurai Gunslinger of South Philly

Dystopian Wars fleets: KoB, EotBS, Prussian, FSA
Firestorm Armada Fleets: Sorellian

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Salamander Marines 22-3(Local) GT Circuit 2-0-1
Mech Vet Guard 54-8-4 (local) 5-1 Ard Boyz

Made in us
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Olympus Mons

Vulkun was the star at our store. 4 guard armies, 5 Deamons and lots of vulkun.

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Mechanicum Fleet 2000 1000
2000? (Almost all 2nd ed.)
I think that about covers it. For now. 
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