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Cheaters at your local gaming club how do you deal with it?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Combat Jumping Rasyat

Set up an elaborate behind the scenes plan that'll discredit/embarrass/ruin him.

Afterward, make a movie with a non-linear plot about it.
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Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

More often then not its just a mistake and you call them on charge of a mistake. When it happens three times after that you tell them its looking like they are cheating and they really need to be careful about that. Nine times after that you walk away saying you are obviously cheating and I am not going to tolerate it. You just need to start up a different game and have fun with that game while the cheating player looks sorrowful and forlorn, quite satisfying really. If it is public enough everyone becomes hesitant to play with him and he either changes dramatically to have a game or he simply leaves and the problem goes out the door.

Just remember that vowing to destroy his life is considered bad sportsmanship so don't go to aggressive.

Kroissen 31st 2000pts

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Every Commander's worst nightmare

"If the voices stop talking to me, how will I know I'm insane"
Best friend. 
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Sister Vastly Superior

Its a proper tournament.

Call people on any and all cheats. Call the first few accidents "Your tape slipped, that land raider just did 15, can you re-move it" will at least shove it back a couple of inches, and the hassle they get for being called on it EVERY SINGLE TIME might make them stop.

and/or setup a situation that has known parameters (the judge will be walking by about when he rolls THOSE dice, which he'll cheat on, those assault marines will fetch up EXACTLY 1" from my line if hes not cheating, because I deployed my obvious bait in THIS place, he got into combat how exactly?, etc)

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