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Sounds like you're leaning toward Heavy Gear, but if you want to dabble in fantasy I second the calls for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes or Frostgrave. Both games are quite affordable at aroudn $20 in print or much less in PDF so buy both!

Both games have some proprietary figures, but are designed for you to play with any figures you wish. If you haven't already done so, the freedom of being able to buy any of the best (or just the ones you like best) miniatures and play them in a well-designed and fun skirmish game is quite wonderful.

Chicago Skirmish Wargames club. Join us for some fast-play, indie gaming in the windy city.

My Project Log, mostly revolving around custom "Toybashed" terrain.

Visit the Chicago Valley Railroad!
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Pulp City.



Salvage Mogul.


This is Not a Test.

1st edition D and D.

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I also want to +1 Frostgrave and This is Not a Test

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Games I recommend:

Shadow War Armageddon

Games that have been recommended to me:

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