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 AndrewGPaul wrote:
There was a lot of early books and miniatures on display at Warhmmer Fest, but most of those were from staff members' private collections. I wouldn't be surprised if they're missing a lot of early material; a significant proportion of the studio miniatures from the early 90s and before are now in the hands of Bryan Ansell, I've seen the Warp Runners titans featured in several photos in White Dwarf and Codex Titanicus on a third-party blog (the blog owner purchased them from the original painter), etc. The books would have been pasted up manually rather than on computer, and they were made one or two office moves ago - plenty of scope for them to wander off.

If I owned a pristine set of all the 2nd edition books, for example, I wouldn't want to donate them to a project like this. To get good scans, you're going to have to destroy the originals (by removing the spine of the books to separate them into individual leaves).

and yeah chances are the originals where lost. awhile back Battletech put out the old house books for free in PDF format, but tehy needed someone to donate their original copies. cause the studio had long since lost theirs

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I believe the same was true of Rogue Trader; it (or the Apocrypha books with excerpts from it and other old books) were in part high-res photocopies.

As for The Lost and the Damned, both the Rogue Trader and Slaves To Darkness reprints are 30th anniversary editions. TLatD came out in 1990, so we might not see a reprint until 2020.
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