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Made in gb
Norn Queen

 Overread wrote:
Loud day with the family here and the new huskies first ever Christmas - which is a very confusing time for a husky, but the appearance of a new treat - wondrous crunchy pigs ears - means he's had a very good time.

Model wise I got a Daughters of Khaine Battleforce so that's going to keep me busy and in a mountain of plastic shavings for a while!
My dogs absolutely adore pigs ears. My Labrador runs about for 20 mins with the ear in his mouth not knowing what to do while my beagle sits in the corner and munches on her ear for a good while.

Add me on Discord: BaconCatBug#0294
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Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

It is post-christmas morning here! I recieved brushes as i expected, and I gave out many slices of desserts, and now i am free, free, free at last from family!!! Ha ha ha!!!


Honestly I love my family, but it's like my grandmother used to say. "I love these people, and I love them the most when they're 300 miles away."

realism is a lie
Made in ca
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

Suffolk Virginia

Adeptus Titanicus grand master edition from my wife. And a couple sector imperialis kits will keep me busy for a bit.
Made in ca
Dive-Bombin' Fighta-Bomba Pilot

Merry Christmas everybody!

I got quite the loot bag this year, and super grateful for family and friends that I've had time to spend with.

So far I've got:

150 in cash from my Aunt (with a hilarious christmas card saying this is her way of saying sorry for getting me the wrong-sized clothing all those past years)

130 gift card for Best Buy

Red Dead Redemption 2

A Steelseries 600 gaming mouse

P5 Dancing, P4 Dancing, and P3 Dancing games.

Warhammer related, I got the new Megatrakk Skrapjet

10/10, would Christmas again, Praise the Lord!

My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard and they're like, hurr darry darr.

My suggestion to you is to get married, if you have a good wife you'll be happy, if you have a bad wife you'll become a philosopher. 
Made in us
Leader of the Sept

I got
Carthaet Coat
Paint Racks
Read Dead Redemption 2
But more importantly I got my nephews BB guns and sling shot and we spent all morning shooting them.

5000pts 6000pts 3000pts
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Myrtle Creek, OR

I got an Orlock gang and a four-man league for Pulp Alley.
Made in gb
Fighter Ace


Made in us
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

The Village Hidden in Bureaucracy

Mine appeared a bit early, but I acquired an airbrush kit with a Badger 350 and Badger Patriot 105. I got the 350 to run once I figured out it needs more air pressure; it's going to be my airbrush for painting large buildings and scenery. The 105 will be for priming and basecoats on minis and vehicles.

I also have to find the right mix of thinner to paint, too...

This might even help paint my new planter boxes for springtime gardening. Beats spraypainting in the basement!

veho sicut tu furabar 
Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

West Michigan, deep in Whitebread, USA

The only GW stuff I got was a Shattered Dominion Objective pack that was half-off. Otherwise I got some squadrons (the #2 packs) for Star Wars Armada, and a pack of Rune Golems from Runewars.

I was about to pick up a bunch of Dwarves to make a decent sized AoS Skirmish warband, but I need to work through my model backlog, first.

"By this point I'm convinced 100% that every single race in the 40k universe have somehow tapped into the ork ability to just have their tech work because they think it should."  
Made in de
Wise Ethereal with Bodyguard

Currently in Germany with the in-laws and a shiny new Blackstone fortress and the latest Joe Ledger book. Lots of fish, meat and over chocolated children. Classic.Christmas so.far

Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

Terranwing - w3;d1;l1
51st Dunedinw2;d0;l0
Cadre Coronal Afterglow w1;d0;l0 
Made in gb
Mutilatin' Mad Dok


Happy Christmas Everyone!

I did pretty well. Alongside the usual mountain of chocolate and random bits and bobs I got a copy of Blackstone Fortress, a House Delaque collection and a FW Bombard.

My gift to myself was a load of the made to order Vostroyans to finish off my infantry company

Arte et Marte

Ogres: 2000pts
Empire: 6000pts 
Made in us
Drag on Society

Armpit of NY

I got myself a copy of the new 'Plasma' Warlord and a box of Cerastus Knights for Adeptus Titanicus. Does that count?
Made in us
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

Merry Christmas to all!

Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

West Michigan, deep in Whitebread, USA

My only Grinch-y comment about my Christmas was the mistake I made in asking my wife for a Mantic Forgefather Iron Ancestor for a little project I had been cooking up. Wow, such a mix of cool looking model, and horribly designed assembly!

Talk about being Mantic..almost! From a ball and socket waist that has absolutely no solid joint to speak of, to godawful hip connections on the legs which simply arent designed to be load-bearing, I made an agreement with my wife that because I forgot to add the box of Runewars Rune Golems to my 'wish list' to her (but would have put them on there if I had remembered them--and because I bought them for myself anyways for christmas), that we would just pretend she got them for me, as those things (barring minor gripes about them being boardgame plastic) assemble perfectly and look freaking awesome.

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"By this point I'm convinced 100% that every single race in the 40k universe have somehow tapped into the ork ability to just have their tech work because they think it should."  
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

We don't do much around here for Christmas, and gifts between the adults are fewer and further between (doting on the nieces and nephews of course). However, a simple gift card to Amazon paid for 95% of a Feldherr case, something I've been neglecting. I'm a KR fan, but the Feldherr stuff was on Amazon, so that's what I've picked up. I'm still...hundreds of painted minis behind on proper cases. :(

Made in gb
Lit By the Flames of Prospero

Rampton, UK

I just had to google what a grinch is, not going to post then now as I tend to stay in bed from the 23rd until the 27th.
Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Friend of mine got me the Noise Marine! W00T!

Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Elverson, PA

I have 2 kids, and just found out last week the wife is cooking up child #3, so its a Dad Christmas for me. I got socks and a bottle of Jameson Black Barrel. Good stuff.

Though the wife cleared up enough cash that I'm splitting a Wrath and Rapture box with a friend when he gets paid next week.

Bane's P&M Blog, pop in and leave a comment
 feeder wrote:
Frazz's mind is like a wiener dog in a rabbit warren. Dark, twisting tunnels, and full of the certainty that just around the next bend will be the quarry he seeks.

Made in de
Regular Dakkanaut


Got myself a battlebox for the Idoneth... and on a related note a classical container ship from Revell (--> as I'm currently working for a shipping companyI'm actually going to build this first and place it on my desk).

My Element Games referal code: SVE5335 
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

Spent a day with each side of the family. Even though Miss Captain Brown was under the weather it was still magical for her. As everyone else in the family is well or recovering it was a wonderful break and a blessing.



Made in gb
Junior Officer with Laspistol

Desperado Corp.

Christmas is the only birthday where everyone except the person who was born gets a present

Hobbywise, I was gifted some terrain bits (of which I have no idea what I'm looking at or how it goes together), five(!) bags of dice and several 5th edition codexes: Space Marines, BA, Orks, Tyrannids and Daemons.

Really brings to light how much GW's changed.

Happy holidays all!

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Pretre: OOOOHHHHH snap. That's like driving away from hitting a pedestrian.
Pacific:First person to Photoshop a GW store into the streets of Kabul wins the thread.
Selym: "Be true to thyself, play Chaos" - Jesus, Daemon Prince of Cegorach.
H.B.M.C: You can't lobotomise someone twice. 
Made in gb
Painting Within the Lines

Sheep Loveland

Well, ate too much, kids got stuff, and I got a load of cash to spend on wargaming stuff!

Custodes 1,900pts 100% painted
Minatours 2,500pts 30% painted 
Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

My wife got me the limited edition Slaanesh Noise Marine, a few comic books I wanted, an incredible personalized watch and a Bluetooth device...I got her Aventis Hammerstrike (Stormcast guy), a bunch of fairy related gifts, a handcrafted jewelry box and tickets to Lion King on Broadway!

We spent our second Christmas together, just the two of us with no travel craziness of any kind. It was nice; I’ve always busted ass on traveling to see family. So a roast chicken and Christmas movies in our own living room was perfect this year.

Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
Made in ie
Battlefield Tourist


I did not get any wargaming stuff for Christmas, but I got to chill out with my brother and watch two seasons of My Hero Academia and then head to the cinema to see Into the Spiderverse (which is awesome!).

The closest I got to a hobby purchase was an interesting book trying to reconstruct the political structures of pre-Norman Ireland. Interesting, but somewhat dry!

I was planning to do some assembly, but then I realised I couldn't bring polycement on the plane, so my frostgrave Gnolls and Barbarians have mostly sat idle.

Heading back tomorrow to Germany, and definitely looking forward to that. Got lots of hobby irons in the fire atm and raring to go!

Made in us
Street Judge


Rec’d the Godsworn Warband (Slaves to Darkness battleforce), which is really a lovely savings. My good buddy judgedoug picked up a pair of AT Warhounds for me, which blew my mind. Also picked up Realm of Chaos for myself!

We are in God’s Own Country (Texas) for the holidays. Visited the local WH down here and picked up Titan Death by Guy Haley.

Before leaving, our group started Blackstone Fortress which is a Mega Hoot.

@timetowaste85: how are you planning to paint your noise marine?

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Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

@Manchu: as close to the box art as I can! This boy needs to shine (bright like a diamond)!!

Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
Made in us
Street Judge


Awesome! Please post pics when you get him on the workbench.

Made in us
Legendary Master of the Chapter

Chicago, Illinois

I got some eldar, emperors gift, the last hunt, gremlins 2, a new computer game on preorder (battlefleet armada 2), space hulk (a board game with the models too), and I gave away a few Christmas presents.

Started finishing up my Levi Dread, and my cataprachts, still need to find a good balancing or stark color for them to grab people's attention. (bright color)

Lots of things to paint but i met my goal 100 marines done by the end of the year (at least base coated)

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Made in us
Wicked Canoptek Wraith

Sentient Void

I am the family Santa, buying gifts for everyone and only asking for small tokens of affection from those gifted. Then I buy myself the chase gift. This year I found the super rare out of print ancient historic war game Lost Battles for under $200 and made it mine!

They’ll say it’s not your time. They’ll say wait your turn. They’ll say the odds are long. They’ll say it can’t be done. But America’s story has always been written by people who can see what can be, unburdened by what has been. 
Made in us
Ultramarine Librarian with Freaky Familiar

Southern California, USA

I got money which I then used to buy some Knight Armiger Warglaives, the 40k rulebook and a Knight decal sheet to replace the one I lost years ago. Then I also bought a box of Empire Greatswords, a mounted warpriest and a warpriest on foot. My Knights are now a legally playable 2k point list if I take the right upgrades and my Empire army is where I want it to be without having to worry about GW reboxing everything on round bases.

I also got a new gaming monitor and chair which I am very excited about. This monitor is so much better and I can plug in a console as well as my computer into it. So all in all? A pretty merry Christmas!

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Thought for the day: Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
30k Ultramarines: 2000 pts
Bolt Action Germans: ~1200 pts
AOS Stormcast: Just starting.
The Empire : ~60-70 models.
1500 pts
: My Salamanders painting blog 16 Infantry and 2 Vehicles done so far!  
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