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Thanks a lot!
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“Those heretics will soon taste our steel. Deus Imperator vult, Sisters!” – Crusader Captain Maria de Moriet

Countless Crusader Houses exist across the Empire. Unlike the Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas, who are orphans raised by the Ecclesiarchy, the Crusaders of the Sisterhood of the Crimson Linen are without exception highborn daughters of nobles, who voluntarily traded the extravagant luxury of their decadent families for a simple life of asceticism, piety and merciless bloodshed in the name of the Emperor. Just as these armswomen admire the Adeptus Sororitas for their zeal, they are themselves respected by the Sisters of Battle for their unbreakable dedication and close combat proficiency.

Felt like building Crusaders to run along with my Order of the Cleansing Blade. Female Crusaders such as the Sisters of the Silvered Sphinx or Cassara Novia. The old two official models may be rather static, but I think such a stoic, space-saracan-awaiting pose fits Crusaders well, so I tried to keep that feel. What I like the most about the old Crusader models, though, are the hooded bathrobes. Immediately felt connected to them. I mean, who doesn’t like wearing them all day? Of course my custom Crusaders had to have hooded bathrobes, too.

Made from Brown Stuff and Magic Sculpt with press molds from Geminae, Celestine, Sisters of Silence, the Eldar Ranger and Missionary from Blackstone Fortress, faces/hair of Prodos Crusaders, shields of Raging Heroes Knights of the Chalice and last not least the back of the robes of a GW Crusader and some of their inquisition signs.
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Prospector with Steamdrill

Yes the robes!
Not enough robes in 40K universe I feel.
Goof job on the sculpts because, for my battle priest I contemplated the robe being red, tan, raw-umber, or black. Ended up going with black because the surface of my sculpt was not smooth enough to receive white, tan, or red colors.
I love the FirstBorn / High Noble origins. That is a devotion of choose and not circumstance. And the (hero) poses do reflect the concept of nobility and solidity quite well.

"Suffer not the Heretic" !


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There are no uneven surfaces on robes, that's just some minor battle damage.
Seriously, from the pictures I think the robes of your priest are very good and could have been painted in whatever color you like. They look good in black, though.

Took me also some time to decide on the robes of the Crusaders. At first I wanted to make them black like most Crusader robes in official and fanmade art are, but I also wanted some red cloth on the models and I really like painting red robes, so I went for red robes in the end.
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Beautiful work there Max Moray.



Please Check out my Painting Logs - More than 1000 individual photos of completed models shown.
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Thanks, Captain Brown!
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This is next level stuff. The proportions and posiing is excellent.
Do you plan on covering all units in the codex?

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Thanks, NotVaughan!

Honestly, I don't plan that much on that project at all. The ones I like the most were rather spontaneous ideas I followed through, while some planned Sisters are still unfinished, because at some point I wanted to do something else.

I think I already got enough Sisters for a Kill Team, I don't know if I will really make an entire 40K army from putty. I'm still motivated, though.

That said, I don't know if I will cover all codex units, it's well possible. I make them mostly for the fun of making them. Playing with them is secondary.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

I would love to see your take on an Arco-Flagellant and Death Cult Assassin.

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Well, currently I can only offer you my take on a Canoness. Had a number of Canoness plans, but she’s a good example for a rather spontaneous mini, which defied all those plans. Good thing is an order can (and should) have more than one Canoness, so I can still add a different one in the future. For now I wanted a very tough and a little battle torn warrior type of Canoness. Please meet Alessa.

“Understand Sisters, faith can cut as sharply as any blade, so our minds and hearts shall and must be red and bloody just as our blades.” – Canoness Alessa of the Order of the Cleansing Blade

Alessa served the Order of the Cleansing Blade for more than two decades as the Sister Superior of a Seraphim squad when she was elevated to the position of a Battle Canoness. Her favored weapons are the infamous power lance Longinetta and a master crafted bolter named Breka. Her equipment is decorated with the skulls of long gone pious warriors serving the cause of the Emperor even after their death. Her pet cherub Lucky supports her in battle and will gnaw on the ankles of any fiend foolish enough to approach her. Alessa is always found where battle is toughest, preferably leading deepstrikes into enemy territory. Recently, some young adepts of the Administratum voiced the opinion that jump packs should no longer be appropriate for a Sororitas with the high rank of a Canoness. Alessa however does not seem to care a whit about such blasphemous ramblings.

Scratch built with Brown Stuff, Magic Sculpt, a nail and eggshells from more than two dozen parts with detail press molds from metal Celestine (cherub), metal canoness (sword, incense thingy), plastic Celestine & Geminae (legs, backpack, shoulder pads), Sisters of Silence (fur pattern), Veridyan (chest plate), metal imagifier (rear tip of Longinetta), Greyfax (face (sort of) and hand) and probably some parts I forgot. Longinetta is a reference to the "real" Lance of Longinius. Therefore, a real nail had to be used in the lance.
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