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 Ouze wrote:
Formosa wrote:crap what do we have coming up that will be good people?? help me out.

Formosa wrote:I didnt say "good" what do you mean?

*jazz hands*

That's why context matters, the message he left made no sense what so ever.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

 Formosa wrote:

I didnt say "good" what do you mean?

Godilla, which one? Spider man, which one? It, which one? never heard of dark materials, is that good? Willow the series... they made a series about willow, loved that movie as a kid.

Oh yeah, I would totally watch Willow the series.

You might know "His Dark Materials" from earlier attempt to bring it on big screen, "Golden Compass". It was quite awful. The books were very good, but weird. It's bit like Narnia turned inside out. In place of Lewis' Christian message, there is Pullman's vicious attack on religion and especially Catholic Church.

Mr Vetock, give back my Multi-tracker! 
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