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Testor's Plastic Glue for plastic models.

Loctite Professional (blue bottle) for resin and pewter.
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 Mud Turkey 13 wrote:
I had been using Citadel plastic glue basically since I started the 40k hobby, but I don't really care for their newer stuff. I liked the consistency of the older glue(it was thicker) and I have had issues with the new glue drying up inside the thin metal applicator part. What are some good glues that would be more similar to the older Citadel plastic glue? Thanks!

Two types of glues I use now, I had to swtich from CA Superglues and an acetone plastic glue which were both great but I could no
longer use them due to alergies due to their toxicity, here is my story of my glue alergies and what I switched from and what I switched to for my Warhammer hobby glues:

After 3 years of using an acetone based plastic glue (Tamiya Extra Thin Cement) and CA SuperGlue (Bob Smith Industires Insta Cure+), I developed an allegery to both of them roughly at the same time with couging the next day and runny nose sometimes and the occasional sneezing, flu like symptoms essentially. You can feel the irritation in the lungs. If I don't use them and days pass then the symptons go away. I tried a full face mask 3M 6800, big ventilation fans right next to me with their own floor stands and 3M 6098 filters which are meant to filter out organic acids such as acetone but still somehow the vapors affected me (less than before) if say the mask was not fitted perfectly or I walked past the hobby area without a mask after I had been gluing just before.

So I discovered "LESS" toxic alternatives ... for the plastic glue, I used less toxic "Tamiya Limonene" which is a natural citric acid (orange peel concentrate) which works really well on warhammer grey plastics, it doesn't affect me and only takes 20% longer to melt the plastic compared to acetone glues which kill me.

As a replacement for CA glue, I used Bob Smith Industries 5 min Quik Cure Epoxy, it's a two part epoxy glue, far less toxic that CA SuperGlue and the 5 min version can be used on FineCast (not the 15/30 miin versions I think). You have to mix it which is painful but it bonds stronger than superglue, and is liquid enough to say stick magnets in tiny holes on plastic Warhammer miniatures. So epoxy glue is great as a less toxic alternative to CA Superglue. Also you have to be better organized and fast with epoxy as it has a 5 minute work time and in 15 minutes it gets hard and then in one hour it is fully hardened.
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