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I've one to add to the list, an experience so significant I will never purchase anything from Battlefront / GF9 again.

This is a customer service negative experience.

I enjoyed their Battlefield in a Box terrain products. I own a lot of it, and purchased some Snow / Ice ponds from an online vendor several years ago.

The product was defective. Slightly warped, and most importantly the "ice" on top also was just glued white paper onto the base. It did not have a sheen like on the box.

I showed it to some folks on the Flames of War Facebook page and they basically said, "yeah that looks pretty bad."

So I contacted Battlefront, and what transpired was the most absurd and poor service experience I've ever had.

In short, they said my pics were, "too dark" and the terrain looked, "exactly like the box." I wrote back and offered to send more pictures, and they replied quite a while later that their decision was made --no return, no exchange, no replacement.

It was WEEKS in-between emails during that process.

I spoke to staff at Adepticon the following year, some kid working the booth. I told him it was important I speak with a manager on a matter, and gave him my phone number so they could let me know when one would be back at the table. I turned when I walked away and saw him throw it under the counter...
I didn't hear from anyone that day.

As a result, I will never ever give BF another penny out of principle.

I've had slow service (MANTIC) and service that requires a lot of info (GW) but I've always been taken care of fully by both those companies and others over decades of gaming.

It's cool if players enjoy their games and models. I'm responding with my experience about their integrity in general, as a warning to buy with caution and hope you don't have any defective product.

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I had a similar issue at the end of 2016, (coincidentally, with the same product - GF9 Frozen Ponds). They shattered in the mail when buying from a third party (the now defunct WarStore).

Within 8 days, they had shipped out a replacement, which I still use today.

I'm sorry that your experience was so different.


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