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New Game Expansions in Barnes & Noble - Blitzbowl and Space Marine Adventures  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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California the Southern

...but they're Halflings.

My hope is this does well enough the lizards and Nurgle get their time in the sun.

We've been spitballing how to use star players and big guys with blitzball. Anyone come up with ideas yet?

Poorly lit photos of my ever- growing collection of completely unrelated models!

Watch and listen to me ramble about these minis before ruining them with paint!
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My B&N already had both game’s expansions put out today, they’re not on the normal racks of board games but on a special 2-sided display shipper. Took me a few minutes to find it.

The missions for LoTN are a little lackluster, they could’ve included new objective tokens and Labyrinth deck cards instead of just a challenge deck card. Still glad to have new content for the game though, need to see if people have made home brew missions for it.
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 highlord tamburlaine wrote:
...but they're Halflings.

Yeah, it's a shame that they didn't go with the Primaris for the Space Marine Adventures.

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane. 
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 Chairman Aeon wrote:
“We’ve partnered with Barnes & Noble in North America”

Umm, B&N is only in the US. Why pretend it’s retailing to a whole continent when it’s not.

Also since usually UK or Europe is the only place to get the special offers and exclusive sets, so they need to be specific.
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