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Warcry more popular than AOS?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
Warcry is more popular than AOS (more people playing/buying)
True 27% [ 22 ]
False 73% [ 59 ]
Total Votes : 81
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 Gallahad wrote:
Alright guys, hot take:
Warcry is currently more popular than AOS (more people playing/buying).
I think that anyone who likes AOS also likes Warcry, but there seem to be a lot of people that don't like AOS who do like/play/buy Warcry (myself included).
Do you agree or disagree? Give me your anecdata.
I interpret GW announcing years in advance the return of Warhammer Fantasy as a sign of AOS weakness.

I like AoS. I hate warcry

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tneva82 wrote:
 Stormonu wrote:
Jackal90 wrote:
I don’t agree or disagree as we don’t have any statistics past the areas we game in.

And I very much doubt it.
When fantasy died they dropped AoS in a heartbeat.
They wouldn’t shoulder a failing game for years and wait it out.

I’m not sure I’m reading the above right.

WHFB was in decline for several years before AoS, so they have shouldered failing games before.

However, I don’t imagine Warcry is a replacement for AoS any more than Killteam or Necromunda will replace 40K. They’re simply another avenue to play with models you have.

It was in decline while resources went for AOS. Remember releases sell majority of their sales in first few months. Ergo with no new releases no new sales either.

Except Fantasy got 47% of the kit releases between 2010-2013. It very much had plenty of resources going into it.

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Have played dozens - maybe a hundred - games of AoS. Seen it played more.

Never played Warcry, nor seen it played.

My anecdatum (I LIKED "anecdata") is one sided and from a single datum point.
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I would say not hardly. I know more people still playing classic whfb than warcry.

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In my local GW, I saw a table used for Warcry to demo it around release, and I've never seen it played since. AoS is hugely popular with the younger crowd in that store.

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