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 timetowaste85 wrote:
Wait wait wait...it’s cheaper to buy in Aus than the US? Damn you guys!! Everyone knows it’s supposed to be more expensive for you! Lol

Agreed! Australians are far too happy-go-lucky for the grim, war torn future of 40K!

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Devon, UK

 An Actual Englishman wrote:
Has Import Taxes been discussed in this thread yet? Seems like it'd be appropriate? Might explain a few things?

A year or two ago somebody in a similar topic was obnoxiously adamant that this was the reason why.

So I went on and did some research on what the likely costs were and the impact they'd have on prices based on one shipping container full of product. IIRC the extra cost was something like 5%, even based on the cost of a single shipping container intended for somebody moving all their stuff internationally, which as a one-off, consumer based price was almost certainly inflated.

While I'd be the first to admit my maths was back of the napkin stuff, it isn't plausible that logistics and taxes account for the difference. IIRC the price deviated significantly from the Big Mac index at the time as well.

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