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 harlokin wrote:
 queen_annes_revenge wrote:
 Overread wrote:
Yep especially as those sold at sensible prices will get snapped up quicker, leaving behind the higher priced ones that no one buys except the very affluent/desperate/ignorant. Eventually only the really high priced stuff remains.

This can affect the secondhand market for a while as often when people come to sell something secondhand they will search and see what prices are being charged and price at a similar rate. So if the only prices left are obscenely high, the prices new sales can go up at can also, sometimes, be artificially high as a result.

I've found some good bargains on ebay lately, although I have mainly been buying oldhammer stuff, and a few LOTR items, and I don't mind paying a little more for a nice piece to paint. prices have varied wildly due to the reasons you've listed. I had the old mordheim aenur sword of twilight in my watch list for £5, it sold, and all the others are in the £12-15 range.

The problem I've found with Ebay now is really long, or even indeterminate delivery times. Amazon makes greater use of courier companies, which seem a bit more reliable at the moment.

Well all mine have been delivered with royal mail, and I havent seen much disruption in delivery times. most sellers send via 2nd class as 1st is so expensive now, so I wait a week or so and they arrive.

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All ai have seen on Amazon id dramatically longer delivery times even for Prime members. I have looked for stuff for both Star Wars Legion and Star Wars Armada and have seen the same discounts, with the only downside being a similar lack of stock for units from both those games as from before C19.

Osprey games rulebooks are about the same prices as before, but most book stores on Amazon are taking like three weeks to be delivered.

A Warhammer Underworlds search showed me pretty much the same availability and prices as normal, really.

I've even found stuff as recent as last night for niche games like Wild West Exodus for around a 20-30% discount on unit boxes.

Its all actually better than what I had expected.

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 Overread wrote:
Amazon has its own fleet now (well ok it has its own company that hires independent contractors who basically are employees in all but name and benefits) and a lot of their Prime is going through their own delivery firm.

All fwiw...

Is this Amazon Shipping? It'll be suspended in June. https://thehill.com/policy/technology/491739-amazon-suspending-branded-delivery-service-to-handle-surge-in-orders

Some articles on Amazon's pricing algorithms. Dunno how much affects the hobby market.

What stuff have you all been buying on Amazon? I buy miniatures and supplies faster than I use them through Miniature Market sales and KS, though something I've bought on Amazon for the hobby during this epidemic has been a pen engraver for filing down mold lines...

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Yeah, I don't use Amazon for anything directly hobby related but it's often the easiest/cheapest/only place for 3D printer spares and consumables.

I really wish I could choose royal mail as a delivery option though, because the inconsistency of the Amazon drivers is so frustrating. There are 5 properties who have my postcode. All have their house names easily visible on signs. My family owns 2 of the 5, one is behind locked gates that require a code or a remote, and one is unoccupied. Yet somehow, despite there only being 3 houses that the van can get to, and 2 of those being mine or my family's, they contrive to cock up delivery more often than they get it correct.

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Thankfully there are plenty of places still open for online business. So you don't need amazon.
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Yeah with the exception of books, (you know, the thing Amazon was specifically built sell) I stay away and go local. Especially for hobby supplies

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 Commodus Leitdorf wrote:
Yeah with the exception of books, (you know, the thing Amazon was specifically built sell) I stay away and go local. Especially for hobby supplies

Easy to say, if you have a local store - the closest one to me is an hour and a half away. And is closed now due to outbreak.
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