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Made in gb
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Portsmouth UK

great work!

Check out my gallery here
Also I've started taking photos to use as reference for weathering which can be found here. Please send me your photos so they can be found all in one place!! 
Made in ca
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Toronto, Canada

Great work as always! very inspirational!
Made in be
Skillful Swordsman


Lovely work. The commisar looks amazing and the light effects on the flamer team are perfect.

Looking forward for more!

'The whole art of war consists in getting at what is on the other side of the hill.' -- The Duke of Wellington

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Made in fr
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

Thanks guys ! Glad you like !

Here the new photos I was talking about, I actually finished another death rider yesterday and I took the time to make a little group photo, 13 of them are painted only 3 more to go ! I will create a little diorama pice for them I Think once they will be finished ...

Also finished another grenadier recently

For now you can rediscover the old macharius, chimeras tank or even the commissar ... that like I said on my previous post did not have any good pictures for themselves ...

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Made in gb
Executing Exarch

Edinburgh, UK

Some absolutely stunning work here, you've absolutely nailed the atmosphere of the minis through your basing and weathering and the minis themselves are well executed.

Love the macharius vulcan especially.

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Made in gb
Pewling Menial

Your painting style is phenomenal and I absolutely love the Krieg minis in blue. Fantastic work I can't wait to see more

One foot in the hobby 
Made in fr
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

Thanks guys for your nice comments ! I'm glad that you like my works, that's really my favorite army I never get bored of painting them !

Talking about the Macharius I guess I will take one day another big heavy tank I don't wich one yet ...the "Malcador" is tempting ... but I want to make some airforce like Valkyrie or Vulture first, I don't have any plane for now in my army and never painted one I must repair that mistake !
Made in ca
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Toronto, Canada

If I may ask, how do you get the light brown on your horses?
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

These are beautiful, you should be proud!

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Made in no
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

Fantastic looking army, especially love the cavalry

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