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angel of death 007 wrote:
 Tastyfish wrote:
El Torro wrote:
I just had a look at the UK website and didn’t get the same message.

I placed an order on the 2nd, it was sent yesterday. Not delivered yet, but they seem to be getting through the backlog.

I placed an order on the 2nd too, which was dispatched on Monday but also don't think that has arrived yet either. It's not just GW that's working at reduced capacity at the moment, it's Royal Mail as well - so be prepared to wait.

I will agraee this is probably more the reason is shipping and time length, but with them closing their doors I am sure that raising their prices to accomodate for losses by being closed isn't that bizarre as the demand increases they can justify a price hike before the end of the year to show profits when most businesses will she showing major losses. Not that GW needs a reason to justify price increases but it sure could give them one.

I stopped buying from them religiously when they went to be more of a publishing company then a miniature company. Needing to bring more books then a college student to play a game is beyond a level of rediculousness that i can readily accept especially when everyone else has their rules online for free. I will pick up stuff every now and again but i am over buying all the codexes, espansions, etc. I got enough books to start a library. Not to mention their price differences in other countries is rediculous. Wish i could make my own exchange rate. Most companies don't do that.

The parcel I was talking about was delivered yesterday, if you're after a rough time line of how long things might be taking.
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 carlos13th wrote:
Its likely that the website was not designed with the ability to easily turn off all buy buttons in mind and chances are that the buy button is linked to other things in a way that causes other issues elsewhere in their system.

It's certainly linked to their warehouse stock levels. When they first shut the store chances are they just manually entered 0 for all the stock values. Knowing that when they came to start up again they'd have to take a full inventory stock check before relaunch anyway - since prior to that any minor errors in stock numbers weren't a huge issue because the factory was there running to cast up replacements. They clearly can't do a manual stock check and re-entry of all that data every day. So a simple "store is shut now" policy is likely much easier for them.

It likely explains why the FW site is still running because technically all those products are set to unavailable. Again likely awaiting a full stock take before being put back on sale - though the nature of FW and resin likely means they don't hold much stock so they would likely only last a day or two before they'd have nothing left. So its likely better for them to wait until their reisn factory is back online.

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JohnnyHell wrote:
angel of death 007 wrote:
sounds like more GW shinanigans. Create a demand to keep interest high. Sure they can use this kind of stuff to justify more price hikes in the future.

There are conspiracy theories, and then there are conspiracy theories that ignore the fact that there’s frickin coronavirus and ascribe malice where in actual fact a company is simply trying to keep their staff as safe as possible whilst still asking them to come to work... seriously now, trying to spin this as GW evil is bizarre even for this site.

Overread wrote:Honestly I suspect this is purely to maintain the sanity of their working staff packing boxes. Limiting orders means that they don't come in in the morning with another several thousand orders made overnight. That means staff are likely working within some tolerances of how many orders they have to process on a daily basis and they can keep on top of a daily tally of orders. Even if the gross total remains the same it likely helps their moral a lot - which in turn means that there's less pressure to have staff cut corners in new safety measures. Which can easily be done without any instruction, just because most safety measures right now are "abnormal" to normal human behaviour.

I suspect it also has a knock on effect that it encourages more people to place fewer bigger orders rather than lots of "Oh another one" type orders. Esp with free shipping on £20 right now.

GW doesn't need to limit stock to make it sell; they've just had several weeks where all their 3rd party stock basically sold out everywhere. GW doesn't need to encourage more sales; heck pre-lockdown they were still getting the odd "out of stock" item and their factory was still running all the time. GW has no problem with getting customers and having stuff sell in general. Sure there's likely a few lines that don't sell "as well" or overstocked lines, but right now they are broadly selling whatever they make.

BrianDavion wrote:
angel of death 007 wrote:
Wish i could make my own exchange rate. Most companies don't do that.

LOTS of companies set differant rates in differant countries you just don't see it much because most of the companies you deal with are based in the US.

even back when the Canadian dollar was HIGHER then the US dollar, Canadians where paying MORE for books then Americans where for example.

And only took 5 days........ and its only 450 of their products... TOLD YA SO.

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