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Will We see a SoB 'dex before 9th turns 3?

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FezzikDaBullgryn wrote:
I really hate to ask, but has anyone side by sided the exact codex release schedule of 8th, against the known releases of 9th? It's pretty different. By this time in 8th, we already had most of the Imperium, but now GW is treating suppliments as full codexes, so I can't really say what will happen.

I dont think worrying about where we were 5-6 months into 8th vs here in 9th is of any practical use. I mean, we have no idea how screwed up GWs release schedule/plan for 2020 (and beyond) has gotten.
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I would argue that aside from Sales of brick and mortar, GW hasn't been phased by Covid as it relates to their release or plans to release 9th ed codexs. If anything, it's pushed more people to go digital, which was where they have been trying to drive the car anyway with the app. Granted that was a total and complete failure, but still. They are trying to get out from under the cost of doing printed codex releases. They want to make codexes cost the same whether they are printed or digital, so that they can take 100% of the profit from them. Covid has only strengthened that goal. I looked it up and I was basically right.

By 6 months in, or December 2017 you had

Ad mech
Chaos SM
Death Guard

AND Imperial Armor

Compare that to now:

What we have:


What is in the works:

Death Guard

That's it.

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Erm - by this point in 9th, we have:
Space Wolves*
Imperial Armour

And we know that by the end of December (or, more likely, early December) we'll also have Blood Angels* and Death Guard.

So, end of December we're four books behind, but the edition also launched in July rather than June, so it's had a month less for things to be released in.

And unlike 8th, there was a ~3 month gap between edition launch and the first pair of books - that seems fairly indicative of problems somewhere in the food chain with this edition launch.

It is likely - though still TBC - that Dark Angels* and a Xenos book will come in January. We know there are two more books, we're just waiting on confirmation as to what they are.

The edition is about a month behind 8th, in terms of Codex (or equivalent) releases. Given a global pandemic - which will have affected things to some degree - that's not bad going.

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tneva82 wrote:
Lammia wrote:

And they've never been the first Codex of an edition.
Sisters also see new edition design before the new edition. (At least with Witch Hunters and the new codex) So I'd argue they in some sense, the first Codex of the next edition.

How's so? SOB 8e codex was 8e codex. It's hardly 9e in mind. Too much rules that don't work in 9e. No core rules. Mono bonus which suits more 8e that didn't have mono bonus in core rules than 9e where core rules already encourage staying mono and thus having it in codex makes no sense.
Restricted strategems for each Unit, rewards for playing mono faction, the change to the extra relic strategem - all of this is 8.5/9th edition.

Core feels like a later addition, one that Sisters don't especially need given <Order> does most of that work(with the exception of including characters)

Purifying Tempest wrote:I would argue that this is a good time to release a sister's codex. Most of their rules and interactions are pretty healthy in 9th, so it would just be a lift-n-shift job with adding the Crusade content and matched play secondaries.

They could easily update those rules and just pull everything else forward, and devote more cycles to a codex in need of more attention. Easy win, low hanging fruit, whatever you want to call it. In the end, though, it could just buy them a little time in the release cycle to spend on the books that need a lot more work (thus more time to develop).

That'd be in an optimal world, though, where things are done for logical reasons and the outcomes made sense. If we stick to tradition... yeah, 2 years to go!
I'd argue that's a good reason to wait. Why reprint a book for a range that's playing just fine and selling well when you have entire factions like Tau and Dark Eldar that are in the doldrums of 'the internet has declared them trash.'

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