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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut


Hmm. I have, for Titanomachina:

9x Unpainted resin Titans
24x Unpainted resin Titan weapons
12x Base-coated Titans (primer + 1st layer)
24x Base-coated Titan Weapons (primer)

Made in ch
Warped Arch Heretic of Chaos

i nearly cleaned my pile of shame, nearly.

Now i have another pile of shame for another project.


TBF, i did finish 2 warbands to 97% for my CSm and my R&H.


A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

 Daedalus81 wrote:

In the 41st millennium there is only overpriced hamberders.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Well this is my "pile of shame" -

4 character models to finish for Warhammer Quest 1995, 1 to buy admittedly - I want the OG Wardancer model!

12 Warhammer Quest 1995 Skaven
5 Warhammer Quest 1995 Orc Archers
12ish Warhammer Quest 1995 Spiders
12ish Warhammer Quest 1995 Bats
12 Warhammer Quest 1995 Rats (Reaper Miniatures proxies)
12 Warhammer Quest 1995 Snotlings

5 metal Chaos Terminators.
Couple of metal Bloodletters.

11 Deathwing Terminators - currently undercoated in Ushabti Bone (I think, might be a Vallejo bone sort of colour - I started them 3+ years ago!)
1 Deathwing Librarian Terminator conversion to finish - mostly painted
24 Space Hulk Genestealers

1 Deathwing Master in Terminator armour - magnetised with all current weapon options. Although I need to rebuild him (which means buying new parts) as I badly undercoated him, gummed up some of the details, and he won't strip properly...

1 Warhammer Fantasy Inn to finish

1 Land Raider Mk1 conversion/refurb to finish

So close to finishing both of those...

A Cawdor gang box set to finish.
1 Van Saar Heavy and 1 Female ganger to finish.

1 Necron Command/Annihilation Barge to light up with LEDs, assemble and paint. Just need to get my head around the wiring, been putting that off a couple of years now...

I may also have the Necron half of the Command starter set for 9th if we ever get around to being able to meet up again safely here in the UK as I agreed with my gaming buddy that I'd give him some money for them...


4 Imperial Navy cruisers
4 Chaos cruisers
4 Sword Frigates

...for Battlefleet Gothic.

Probably a few more that I haven't counted, and I have a few scale model kits WIP also...

A lot of that has been hanging around for a number of years now, because I have health issues that have been limiting my "hobby time" and I generally don't get much encouragement from anyone to push on with stuff. But I hope to finish some of it this year, I certainly won't be buying any scale model kits, and probably won't be buying any GW stuff (new or old) this first half of the year.

This message was edited 7 times. Last update was at 2021/01/20 11:24:33

Made in us
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

My biggest piles of shame are as follows:

Ogors: 1 FLoSH, 6 Bulls, then painting some tats on 24 Bulls, and a Slaughter Master.

Legion of Nagash: 1 VLoZD When the new Vampires come out I'm in SOOO much trouble. All 4 of them look absolutely amazing.

Slaves to Darkness/Chaos: 10 Chosen, 10 Warriors with Shields, 5 knights, a lord on Karkadrak. Finish the Endless Spells. When the new Hedonites come out, I'm in trouble.

Finish Basing the Endless Spells from Malign Portents. Everything is painted, just not based.

For 40K, its:
Death Guard: 14 Plague Marines and a Plague Burst Crawler. Oh and a base for a Drone.

Dark Angels: An Indomitus Box...

Custodes: 6 Jet Bikes and Trajann

Eldar: 2 War Walkers, a Dreadnought, and their version of a Knight

Space Wolves: 2 Rhinos need a pin wash and some free hand, a Razorback needs some freehand, and their flyer.

I'm working through the Death Guard now as 7 of the Plague Marines were purchased today. Next up is the Ogors as they have been base coated and washed but I need to start building up the highlights on the SH. I've pinned the VLoZD up as its the old Zacharius model from back in the day but I have that as my back burner model.

Progress is being made - I've been sick and through surgery lately. Haven't had the energy or motivation since Christmas. With Crohn's and a recent ileostomy, I've felt more depressed about life since the week before Christmas but I got cleared for driving yesterday and went to the local hobby shop for a bit and I feel like I'm getting back to the old me.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I think I'll just be updating my original post to save space, but I finished my Tyranid Warriors this morning.

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

United Kingdom

Most of my pile of shame was obtained when I came back into the hobby by buying second hand job lots. Most of it cost very little. Much of it little more the selvage and saved from being thrown away. There is always that thought that it may be useful somehow, but never seems to get used.

I have little or no attachment to most of it and even less in modern GW pieces release over the last 20 years. Basically all AOS and 40K will be sold or exchanged as I found very little interest in it along with many odds and bods. There are a few miniatures I like the look of from the AOS range but not many. The cash gained will fund other miniatures I do want to get into the collection.

This should clear about 90% of what I have.

Some items I will be keeping like vintage Citadel dragons from the 80's,Lord of the rings miniatures which are extremely good looking sculpts, and Malifaux. I may add to these later when I can get what I have painted or get them into some sort of game play. Burrows and Badgers is my first love and I will be only buying into this game as new pieces for this year.

I also have a paint pile of shame. Some I purchased to try out and did not think much of, and others came with bulk lots. These I will use to make terrain pieces for gaming. Will save my better paint for more important jobs.

Remember not to wash my brush out in coffee cup today. 
Made in us
Battlefield Tourist


I also have a "Paint Pile of Shame"

I use Wal-mart bargain box acrylics on a lot of models and terrain. However, I use my Vallejo and Army Painters only on things that I want to look better than what the Acrylics can do.

Do you like Free Wargames?
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Finished a Brood Lord and Neurothrope this morning.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

A whole two models completed this month!

Models Bought: 0
Models Sold :0
Models Painted: 2
Balance: 2

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

United King room or

What a good thread. I decided I have too much in my pile of shame and even more in my partially completed pile of hope, to list them here.

I have been very impressed by all the people who know exactly how much they have done or completed in year. I have no idea what I have done. I have done A LOT, from assembly, though priming, full base coats, washes and base costs, sometimes even all on the same model.

Unfortunately I also started a brand new army..WH40k IG and got Indomitus, the Ghaz set and part of an AOBR set I found on Ebay. All in all, I am probably ahead but no idea by how much. It has been satisfying assembling and basic painting models I have had for five or more years.

(Un)fortunately a new games shop has opened about a mile away and I will feel obliged to support them.

So this year I thought I would start a spreadsheet to record
1. How much I spend
2. What I buy
3. What I assemble, prime, base coat, wash etc

I can use this to try and track the total work against my purchases. I am already a Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad, 8 Ebay Cadians and an Enginseer down!

I am normally not much of a finisher but have about 50 projects all in progress ( and all packed away, ready to be resumed) so even if I don't finish a single one but take a step or two forward on each one, at least I will have a record of what I have done.

If people are real masochists for this sort of thing there is an old thread somewhere called "Get it all painted..." before buying any models. Its is page after page of massive lists
I hope the people on that thread are ok!
Made in us
Battlefield Tourist


I completely finished only one set of skirmishers. However, I did paint a unit of Hastati and Triarri only without shields yet. Therefore, I do not count them as "complete" yet.

Do you like Free Wargames?
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Caught back up on Marvel. Finishing the new MonPoc stuff next; then its on to Riot Quest.
Made in gb
Furious Fire Dragon

Midlands, UK

I feel like I made decent progress in 2020, but also bought quite a bit so it was probably a wash overall, or even expanded the pile of shame a bit. But I'm off to a good start for 2021 - I haven't bought a single model yet, and we're already 1 month down! That will probably change when the Warmaster titan comes out though.

My pile of shame is pretty bad. I've come close to posting the full list before but for whatever reason always ended up pulling out and deleting it. It's daunting, but I'm going to see if I can bring it down at least somewhat this year...

Biel-Tan (Craftworlds)
1 Wraithknight (in progress)
1 Maugan Ra
1 Jain Zar
2 Skyrunners
1 Eldrad
6 Farseers
1 Spiritseer
2 Warlocks
10 Fire Dragons
6 Windriders
20 Guardians & 2 Weapon Platforms
10 Dire Avengers
2 Wraithlords
1 War Walker
1 Fire Prism
2 Falcons
6 Striking Scorpions
5 Howling Banshees

Frozen Stars (Harlequins)
1 Death Jester (in progress)
1 Shadowseer (in progress)
2 Troupe Master (in progress)
12 Players (in progress)

Legio Metalica (Collegia Titanica) and Forge World Metalica Support (Admech)
1 Warlord Titan
1 Titan Princeps on foot
1 Tech Priest Dominus
1 Titan Tech Priest
10 Secutarii Hoplites
10 Skitarii

House Lakar (Imperial Knights)
2 Warglaives (almost finished)
2 Helverins
2 Questoris
1 Castellan

Order of Our Martyred Lady (Sororitas)
1 Exorcist (started)
1 Tariana Palos
1 Repentia Superior
1 Canoness
9 Repentia
5 Retributors
10 Battle Sisters
2 Penitent Engines
5 Seraphim
3 Cherubs

Salamanders (Firstborn)
1 Captain
5 Terminators
1 Terminator Chaplain
5 Cataphractii
1 Cataphractii Captain
20 Tactical Marines
20 Mk 4 Tacticals
1 Chaplain
1 Land Raider
1 Land Raider Excelsior
1 Rhino
5 Devastators

Primaris (Chapter TBC)
2x Primaris half of Indomitus
1x Primaris half of Dark Imperium
1x Primaris half of Wake the Dead

Other assorted 40k starter set stuff (fairly low on the list, had each of them since they came out, and keep meaning to get around to one day...)
2x Necron half of Indomitus
1x Death Guard half of Dark Imperium
1x Ork half of Black Reach
1x Tyranid half of Macragge

Adeptus Titanicus (Legio Metalica / House Lakar / House Krast
2 Cerastus Lancers
3 Questoris
Terrain from the Grand Master box
A whole bunch of 3d printed terrain

High Elf half of Island of Blood - Griffon finished, Seaguard started, others not started
30-ish metal Swordmasters of Hoeth
10 Shadow Warriors / Sisters of Avelorn
I think I've still got some half finished Black Orcs somewhere too, and maybe Grimgor

Perry Miniatures
1 box of Zulu War British

Scale Models
Revell 1/144 Iron Maiden 747 Ed Force One (started)
ICM 1/350 SMS König

Currently working on my 3rd (and currently last) Wraithknight, and my small selection of harlequins. It'll be nice to get those harlequins done, it moves an entire faction to 100% on my to-do list, at least for now (wouldn't be surprised if I pick up some more). It'll also be good to get the wraithknight done - I built and posed all three of them at the same time so it'll be nice to see them all finished.
Made in gb
Procrastinator extraordinaire

Edinburgh, UK

I bought Direchasm for WH Underworlds, but have painted 5 more minis this year so at least partially making up the deficit. I think I'll update my original post to keep myself going!

5000 Fir Farillecassion Eldar W/L/D 4th Ed Codex - 14/7/1 6th Ed Codex - 9/1/0 7th Ed Codex - 4/1/1 8th Ed Codex - 20/6/2 9th Ed - 2/1/0
2000 Hive Fleet Zenith
The Cutting Mat Chat: A hobby blog
Excoriators! The forgotten Second Founding Chapter P&M blog
Instagram, follow for other hobby updates 
Made in ie
Regular Dakkanaut


Since the start of the year I:
- Bought no new models
- Painted 2
- Have 24 under reasonable progress
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Part of my relative lack of progress has been commission work. I think I'm going to take a break from doing that after I clear out my current project so I can get caught up on my own stuff.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

United King room or

Had a look at a bunch of stuff last night.... I could not get motivated on what to do next.

Have a gazillion things I could do...

I just could not see anything to do that would bring me any happiness. Quite a weird feeling.

And if the hobby is not making me happy I guess it is best not to force it.
Made in us
VF-1S Valkyrie Squadron Commander


Damn, I spent last weekend painting up half a dozen D&D minis. Felt like I did a lot and that's less than a line item on my original post - still have upwards of 23 or so D&D minis to go.

Other good news - I've restricted myself to purchasing pre-painted minis lately, so the two dozen D&D minis I just added are ready to go...

It never ends well 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Caught back up on MonPoc. Time for Riot Quest/Warmachine.
Made in ca
Dangerous Outrider

Montreal, QC Canada

I foolishly spent money and added about 7 new models to my pile. But over the last month I painted 25 models....so I'm making headway!

Commodus Leitdorf Paints all of the Things!!
The Breaking of the Averholme: An AoS Adventure
"We have clearly reached the point where only rampant and unchecked stabbing can save us." -Black Mage 
Made in au
Dakka Veteran

Sydney, Australia

Putting things up by game I feel is easiest for me, so that's what I'll do

Legion- main game at the moment, I'm almost fully painted (just a handful of terrain pieces to do). Few things on the way but they're low model count boxes I can paint in a night or 2 with enough effort put in
Malifaux- I have a couple of crews in some stage of completion, but its all easily achievable over the next couple months and the painted:unpainted ratio is still well in the clear
AoS/Warcry- Warcry starter set terrain and wild beasts are all unpainted but assembled, and I have a few bits and pieces for my Skaven army to paint but the bulk of the work is done
Infinity- I'm in the process of buying a new army, but I just finished fully painting my old one and the new one is only 15 models so I can get through it quickly enough
Blood Bowl- 1 painted team, 1 unpainted. The unpainted one is on my desk now being painted, so give it a week or so and it'll all be done
LotR- I have 3 painted armies that can all be run separately, but my big Easterling/Mordor alliance is still all but abandoned for now. Once I get through a few of the smaller projects I plan on knocking them out as quickly as I can but that's not any time soon


I mainly play skirmish games, but am still fairly active with 40k. I play Warcry, Arena Rex, Middle-Earth, Blood Bowl, Batman, Star Wars Legion and The Other Side as well, but my main game is Malifaux.

My plog- https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/787134.page
My blog- https://fistfulofminiatures.blogspot.com/
My gaming Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/fistfulofminis/ 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Added several things to my Pile:

Five Raveners
Three more Bladeguard vets
Three more Eradicators
A Stormspeeder

And nothing painted to cover it. [sad-panda]

This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 2021/02/10 18:31:34

Made in fi
Ye Lord of The End Times (and a good guy)

Been following my principle of paint more than bought or no new models next month. Pile has been reduced by 39 models and pienty time this month to shrink the pile. Plenty of chaos models waiting for last touches.

2021 painted/bought: 497/449 
Made in gb
Procrastinator extraordinaire

Edinburgh, UK

Knocked out three more minis from the Pile of Shame with a few more hot on their heels.

5000 Fir Farillecassion Eldar W/L/D 4th Ed Codex - 14/7/1 6th Ed Codex - 9/1/0 7th Ed Codex - 4/1/1 8th Ed Codex - 20/6/2 9th Ed - 2/1/0
2000 Hive Fleet Zenith
The Cutting Mat Chat: A hobby blog
Excoriators! The forgotten Second Founding Chapter P&M blog
Instagram, follow for other hobby updates 
Made in us
Battlefield Tourist


I finished some Early Republican Romans, and started on the next batch of 40 Early Republican Romans in Hamata (Chain).

Do you like Free Wargames?
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

Jan.1st - Feb.17th - base coated 35 assorted civilians/villagers for AoS/D&D.

To do;

AoS "Slaves to Darkness raid on village" project
finish those 35 villagers
about 65 more villagers
assorted village animals & misc scatter terrain stuff/details
20 Marauder Horse
Khargra's Ravagers (4 models)
60 Marauder foot
4-6 StD chariots
Darkoath Chieftan
Darkoath War Queen
18 Untamed Beasts
1 Lord on Demonic Mount
The Godsworn Hunt (6 models)
1 Slaughter Priest
1 exalted Deathbringer
2 Whizkids catapults - maybe
*An as yet to-be-determined mostly Cities of Sigmar defending force.
This could be next to nothing (if I pull units from my WHFB Empire army), ??? if I go with new stuff, or something in-between....

The Undead 1/2ling army for AoS
40 zombies
20 mummies
20 ghouls
1 ghoul lord (Crypt Ghast Coutier?)
1 vampire
2 wraiths
10 hexwraiths
4 spirit bases
40 skeletons
20 skeleton archers - I gotta get little Robin Hood style caps printed for these guys & make them an undead version of Lumpkin Crooks Archers
10 black knights
2 skull throwing catapults
1 standard bearer
1 white lord
1 banshee
1 necromancer
1 corpse cart
refurbish my ages old Black Coach

1 giant (WHFB 5th ed?, all metal, no longer very "giant") - "Tiny", just a basic Gargant in AoS terms, earned his paint a few weeks back vs the legions of Khorne. 1st he slew Skarbrand. Then over the next several turns he went on to shove 3! Mighty Skullcrushers into his bag. And he survived the battle!
Paint earned.

Over in 40k
* The SM 1/2 of my Indom box
* 2 SM Gladiators
* 2 SM Impulsors
* 1 Primaris Techmarine
* 1 Primaris Apothacary
* 1 Primaris Chaplain on bike
* 1 squad of assault Intercisors
* 3 Convergience of Dominion sets (9 models) for my Necrons

Around 50 assorted minis from all manner of companies

Made in ie
Been Around the Block

Cork Ireland

Went from having one unopened Battle Sister Squad to having all of Soul Wars, a Disco Lord and a CSM Start Collecting to work on.
Not to mention the stupid amount of Space Marine stuff I inherited around xmas, i reckon its at least 4k points worth, but for now I'm considering that someone elses pile of shame, until I start into it.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Finished three Invader ATVs, and I'll say the same thing about them that I said about my four Attack Bikes: "never buying another one of those."

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Finished up my Riot Quest stuff. Working on my Rhulic before going for a deep dive in the backlog (Relic Knights 0_0 )
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut


Nurglitch wrote:
Hmm. I have, for Titanomachina:

9x Unpainted resin Titans
24x Unpainted resin Titan weapons
12x Base-coated Titans (primer + 1st layer)
24x Base-coated Titan Weapons (primer)

I managed to get the unpainted Titans and weapons primed, and the primed Titans sprayed with a base coat. Woooo!

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