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Been Around the Block

 Brutus_Apex wrote:
Taking a list that resembled something approaching a fluffy, characterful army that exists in the stories instead of the flavour of the month WAAC army.

For this reason, I will always be terrible at 40K.

Oh my god yes, so much this.

Aside from that I've made more blunders than I can recall. At one point in early 8th I was using a lot of Khorne Berzerkers and I would routinely forget their second round of attacks.

I'm terrible at deployment and regularly sabotage myself before turn 1 even starts.

In 7th edition I played Chaos Space Marines vs Tau and was getting ANNIHILATED. Turn 4 came round and I remembered Cypher and 8 Terminators were still in reserve.

Another time in very early 8th I played a game against Grey Knights and forgot my Daemon Engines were indeed considered Daemons and played far too aggressively. I lost 2 Forgefiends and a Heldrake in a single psychic phase.

Possibly my worst offender though was in a 7th ed tournament. Early on I was paired up against a very competitive Dark Eldar player who regularly placed highly. I was off to a terrible start but managed to cripple a few transports and had a good chance at winning on objectives if I could clear some infantry. I subsequently forgot my Heldrake existed and played until turn 5 without it. In the 2 turns it was alive it destroyed a transport and incinerated 2 units of Kabalites sitting on objecives. If I remembered it earlier on I might have won that game. He went on to win the whole event rather solidly.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


Agreeing to a game vs ‘invisible Marines’ in what, 6th Ed? That was fun.

Also managed to lose my Wierdboy + 30 Boyz by scattering off table on a ‘tellyport’ (?) in a 500pt game. Left me with very little on the board :-)
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Maniacal Gibbering Madboy

5th ed Daemon codex, thought I'd be safe and deepstrike my tooled out Bloodthirster and Daemon Prince near an open objective (planet strike so the buildings had been already blown up).

Daemon Prince landed fine, the BLoodthirster scattered into the daemon prince and mishap died.

Next turn Daemon Prince got gunned down miserably by bloody scouts!!
Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


I remember another one from back when I started in 4th, and from what I've heard in the past I'm definitely not the only one guilty of this.

I used to think that if a weapon caused Instant Death, it would also ignore your armour save by default. Got pretty sick of a single Battle Cannon shot killing my Terminators on 2+ with only a 5++ to save them.

Made in gb
Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

2nd Ed. Lobbed a Vortex Grenade, and missed. It scattered back towards me (could only scatter back up to half the distance thrown though).

That was bad enough, as it was my best chance to take out a souped up Terminator Librarian.

The sodding template refused to dissipate, instead chasing the thrower (I think it was a Magus?) round the board like an enthusiastic puppy.

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