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Why is Dakka so strict when it comes to swearing?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Fixture of Dakka

Yeah, the GW hypocrisy is real.

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Gamgee on Tau Players wrote:we all kill cats and sell our own families to the devil and eat live puppies.

 Kanluwen wrote:
This is, emphatically, why I will continue suggesting nuking Guard and starting over again. It's a legacy army that needs to be rebooted with a new focal point.

Confirmation of why no-one should listen to Kanluwen when it comes to the IG - he doesn't want the IG, he want's Kan's New Model Army... 
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Yeah but don't forget Tolkien ripped off the Norse!

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Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

Well, Considering that Tolkien was an Anglo-Saxon, that is to say, of Germanic culture, and that Norse folklore is also of Germanic culture, to state he ripped it off, when it is essentially his culture*, is a bit much. He dumbed it down. A lot.

Anyway, sort of on topic, Tolkien, a linguist, never really developed any profanity for all the languages he labored ( well, laboured) to create, at least not that I can recall. Not very realistic at all. A huge omission, really.

*The Norse pretty much ran amok in Great Britain for quite some time, yeah?

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Member of the Ethereal Council


 Red Harvest wrote:
*The Norse pretty much ran amok in Great Britain for quite some time, yeah?

Speaking historically, it's always struck me that the British (or at least the English) are regarded as 'Anglo-Saxon.' It's kind of bizarre in a way, given the Danelaw and the Norse-Gael's long term effects on England, Scotland, and Ireland. Wessex did come out on top long term, but by then it had already heavily intermixed, and was no more discernibly Angle or Saxon than the rest of England. Then the descendant of a Viking conquered England. Just one of those things I guess. How people remember the past is not always reflective of how things actually were or their complexities. Maybe the Anglo bit the weirdest for me? The Saxon part makes a great deal of sense, but the Angles had such a small impact historically speaking. Their only long term contribution was their name and it's weird cause the Angles inhabited the same parts of England that became the Danelaw. Maybe the people at the time just really really didn't want to be Danes so they jumped on being Angles XD

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Cairo, Egypt

So I think we've covered it.

Dakka is strict on swearing so that no one can invoke the name of Michael Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and learn the truth of how GW stole all their ideas from him.

This is just one of the many ways the mods work to ensure that the good name of GW is never sullied in these forums.

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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

I wonder when that comment was made, since in the context of GW's fluff development over the course of their existence it could mean very different things depending on the year.
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