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mrFickle wrote:
You buy your lovely big cumbersome codex and drag it from game to game rapidly flicking through the pages trying to find rules and stats whilst playing and the GW provides a pdf with a load of rules changes that are sometimes careful changes to text and not just points updates. What a pain in the backside to then have to cross reference your codex with the print off updates to make sure your getting it right.

Isn’t it easier to just use the codex as it was released? Unless you have a photographic memory.

I think using the faqs is the only fair thing to do for yourself and your opponents.

The alternative is potential arguments, use of exploits and general confusion unless you agree in advance you are doing this with your opponent and even then it would seem to have potential problems.


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Honestly, I've been running with the fee Core Rules and just the datasheets, no dynasties or anything.

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I've never bought any physical books, I either use wahapedia or a pdf with the FAQ's edited in.
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