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Which Entries Are Your Favourites?
Nevelon 5% [ 19 ]
Freya 5% [ 21 ]
lifeafter 2% [ 9 ]
queen_annes_revenge 7% [ 30 ]
ShadowsAndDust 1% [ 6 ]
SirOllox 3% [ 13 ]
Yorkright 2% [ 8 ]
Flinty 2% [ 8 ]
Power Elephant 4% [ 17 ]
vejut 2% [ 8 ]
DV8 7% [ 30 ]
JoshinJapan 1% [ 6 ]
ms07b7 5% [ 20 ]
Arakasi 3% [ 11 ]
Captain Brown 5% [ 20 ]
Warpig1815 6% [ 24 ]
Jamie Shred 2% [ 10 ]
the_balloon_dog 3% [ 11 ]
Tallandra 1% [ 5 ]
Ezki 8% [ 34 ]
Viterbi 3% [ 13 ]
Paradigm 7% [ 29 ]
Turaxa 1% [ 6 ]
MobileSuitRandom 2% [ 8 ]
Gulgog TufToof 1% [ 6 ]
Midget Gems 2% [ 8 ]
Feltmonkey 2% [ 10 ]
Maharg 2% [ 9 ]
Aelyn 4% [ 16 ]
SmallChanges 1% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 420
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Legendary Master of the Chapter


And the results are in!

In third place on 29 votes, my own Yndrasta! Thanks everyone!

Sharing third, the ever-excellent queen_annes_revenge with menacing Batman villain Black Mask and a Night Lords Praetor:

And DV8's master of illusion, Mysterio:

And taking the win on 34 votes, Ezki with the utter classic that is the Beholder:

Thanks to everyone who left feedback and voted, see you all next month!

Paradigm's New Blog- 18/06- Geralt and Kratos

Available for Commission Work. PM me for details. 
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

Amazing work all around. Grats to the winners!

Made in fi
War Walker Pilot with Withering Fire

Finland, Espoo

Thank you for the comments and kind words Paradigm, JoshInJapan and Gulgog TufToof.
I think I redid the eye at least three times as I was not happy with the veins, after which I realized that the first iteration was the best after all

Congrats for everyone on your hard work!

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Excellent work everyone, and congratulations to the winners - well deserved all round!

Now with 100% more blog: 'Beyond the Wall'

Numine Et Arcu
Made in gb
Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

Leeds UK

Yep congrats to everyone and thanks for comments, much appreciated as always.
Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

Surrey, BC - Canada

Congratulations to the winners, to all who finished painted something this month, and of course to the great host Paradigm (who makes this possible each month).



53 successful trades in the Dakka Swap Shop. I have an ongoing Sale Thread there with painted Elysian and Tau units looking for a new home. Unpainted Bretonnian metal units and figures for sale.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Congratulations to the winners, excellent entries all round.

queen_annes_revenge wrote:I've had months where I've thought the model I painted was one of my best, and not placed, and had others where I had no motivation and dragged a reluctant paint job out and come top.

Though I get nowhere near the podium, I've had similar experiences. Some of my lowest-scoring entries last year were also the ones that I most enjoyed the process of creating. There's no accounting for taste, I suppose.

Freya wrote:There is a lot of credence to this point. I lose followers every day that I post non gw models on Instagram.

This is just puzzling. One of the things I like about this competition is the variety of subjects. In this round alone we had both classic and modern Citadel miniatures; characters from the Marvel, Biohazard and D&D franchises; an original sculpt and a historical model. It's more interesting than those parts of the mini painting internet where everyone just seems to paint whatever the latest GW release is.

Made in gb
Mutilatin' Mad Dok


Hi All

Just back from Holiday

The league table has been updated

 JoshInJapan wrote:
Wow, no one likes the (not)Crimson Devils? I was pretty happy with them, at least as an exercise in highlighting different surfaces...

 JoshInJapan wrote:
Wow, thanks for coming to my pity party, everyone. I appreciate your kind words to salve my bruised ego. I feel a little ridiculous for having reacted the way I did, and I plan to just keep doing what I've been doing (painting models for gaming), and at the same time find one thing to work on, as per Freya's suggestion.

Let's all keep at it, supporting each other on our respective hobby journeys!

I can understand the frustration especially when you have put a lot of work into something and not got the result you think they deserve.

They are very well painted, but you can only really see this when you open the pics and look at a bigger version

Some suggestions that might help if you don't mind (hopefully this thread isn't too old now so you see them)
- Increase the image size, (don't go to big) the dakka gallery auto changes any links to 600 px which is quite small, on the image page under "Share This Image:" there is a drop down for "recommended sizes" if you set it to a decent size before uploading you can then change it to that size so people can see what you have painted.
- You have used a very muted colour scheme with a few minor colours of small parts, black/grey and beige that do not jump out at people. Sometimes I use this website to help me with colour schemes https://paletton.com/#uid=21T0u0kjdkI9IuveNp4nigFsFbt
If you use the Hex code of your main colour (lots can be found on the Dakka Paints page https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/paint_range_compatibility_chart you can then see what colours compliment (click add complementary button) or contrast it which will help bring attention to your model
e.g. if you used Tallarn Sand then I would say Altdorf Guard Blue is the closest match for the complementary colour or you could use a triad and that gives you Macragge Blue and Naggaroth Night as the 2 other colours.

Hope that might be of use anyway

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Thanks for the links and advice, Midget Gems. I'll have to give Paletton a try. In the time since I posted my little rant, I think I've gotten over it, or more correctly, gotten over myself. I plan to keep entering the challenge every month to get ideas from other hobbyists and as a tool to improve my work.

Now showing Enforcers for Deadzone!

Painting Total as of 11/30/2021: 104 plus an iron golem and five spider nests and all the obstacles for Dreadball Xtreme and four trapdoors and a cauldron and some teleport disks and three SF buildings and some resin barricades!

Painting Total as of 12/26/2020: 185 plus two mechs and the Throne of Bone

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