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Do you cut down your gaming mats for 9th edition?
I have more than 1 mat, and cut down at least one.
I have 1 mat and cut it down.
I have more than 1 mat, and did not cut any down.
I have 1 mat and did not cut it down.
I don't own any mats, but would cut them down.
I don't own any mats, but wouldn't cut them down.

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Made in us
Commanding Lordling

I just use the full 6x4 or 4x4 that I have. I've considered getting one with the new dimensions but it isn't a big concern.
Made in us
Imperial Guard Landspeeder Pilot

On moon miranda.

Have some 6x4 mats, no intention of cutting any of them down, and no intention or desire to get anything in the smaller "new" size. 6x4 is legal, and is the standard for most other tabletop games (or can better accommodate them than GW's new mat size can), that's what I'm sticking with.


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Made in us
Mad Gyrocopter Pilot

washington state USA

You do not have an "other" option.

I have over a dozen terrain maps, but i also play a bunch of game systems other than 40K that i use them for. our tables are 4'X8' so i usually use 4'X6' or 4'X4' mats.

I also do not play 9th (we play 5th), so i really don't care what the recommended size is. i am not taking a $75 mat and cutting it up for some arbitrary GW suggestion.

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