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[KS] Mantic Games - Hellboy board game - ends 8PM BST Friday 25th May  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Boosting Space Marine Biker

That unboxing looks great. Happy to be receiving that box!

Before the Hellboy kickstarter, I had read only a few Hellboy stories. I liked the art, but don't read many comics nowadays, so hadn't really delved into the Hellboy stuff.

Now I have read ALL of the Hellboy comics, and a good number of BPRD stories too (currently somewhere in the Hell on Earth story arc).
I bought a few stories to check the main points of the missions involved in this KS (started with the Conqueror Worm and moved onwards from that)...

I couldn't stop buying and reading more Hellboy!

Now I'm up to speed on ALL of the Hellboy and ready to receive the game!

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Central Cimmeria

Congrats to Mantic. This seems to be off to a great start. Minis are too big for me (didn't back) but they appear to be well executed
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Junior Officer with Laspistol

I'm slightly sad I did not back the game, but I don't play board games. I'm a collector, sure, but a line needs be drawn somewhere.

The sculpts turned out remarkably well, I'd love to get one of each to paint.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Yup those figures look good, just hope the ones we receive look as good and the plastic is a good quality rigid one.

That box is just crazy big
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Steady Stonecleaver

From the packing I'd say it's the same manufacturer as Deep Madness, and those are really good. Sharp PVC with HIPS bases so they lay flat.

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