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Hello all, and welcome to my little project blog. Here, I will share and discuss my endeavors to convert miniatures from DooM: The Board Game (made by Fantasy Flight Games) into suitable alternatives for a 40k army.

I recalled seeing a similar project being conducted by gameandwatch here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/236779.page

I drew a lot of inspiration from that project, though whereas he was sculpting and designing the miniatures himself, I have no such skill! I will be using miniatures from the board game, and thus this project will look and feel a bit more like Doom 3 than the earlier predecessors of that game.

So far, I have come up with a conversion list for Doom miniatures into a Nid army:
Cyberdemon = Hive Tyrant (naturally) with HVC and Armored Shell, with Psychic Scream and The Horror (additional abilities at player's discretion)
Pinkie Demons = Tyrant Guard
Archviles = Pyrovores (would have fit better as tervigons if they weren't so small)
Revenants = Hive Guard (los defeating projectiles, moderately tough)
Maggots = Lictors (slink around, jump out of hiding, sounds perfect)
Cacodemons = Zoanthropes (they float around and spit balls of hell-lightning at you, sounds close enough)
Chaingun Commandos = Warriors w/ Deathspitters (they are tough SOBs in the game, so they should be in 40k too)
Imps = Termagaunts with Fleshborers (weak but agile)
Zombies (unarmed) = Ripper Swarms (the statline fits about right, and so do the positives/negatives of the swarm ability)
Cherubs (zombie babies/flies) = Sky Slasher Swarms (not the best fit, but the closest I could manage)
Mancubi (Mancubuses?) = Tyrannofexes w/rupture cannons (a bit on the tough side, but it is either that or twin-linked deathspitters on carnifexes)
Hell Knights = Carnifexes with crushing claws, bio plasma, adrenal glands

Any suggestions to this?

As for some actual P&M, here are some zombies I am working on:
[Thumb - PICT0750.JPG]
Zombies: Still very WIP

[Thumb - PICT0752.JPG]
Chaingun Commandos: Still WIP

[Thumb - PICT0753.JPG]
Revenants: Ultra WIP

[Thumb - PICT0754.JPG]
Semi-related: Doomguys Red, blue, and green!

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Any update fella ?

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To be fair, those revenants look really good! they look very much like the doom ones!

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