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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Like many gamers, I have way to many half done projects that are scattered all over the place. My goal is this thread will give me the motivation to finish my pile of projects.

My main focus for the next two weeks is to get my orks and nids ready for a Team Tournemnt at the FLGS.

Current Projects (w/ pics below):

Winged Hive Tyrant
Brood of Tyranid Shrikes (aka winged warriors, 5 total)
Ork Deff Dread
Space Marine Dreadnought Drop Pod
Eldar Super Heavy Tank
Warhound Titan (Grayknight Theamed)
Ork Biker Warboss
Tyranid Hydra Counts as Trygon
Lastly work on my Dark Eldar that have been neglected for some time. Working on detailing Flying Bases to look like volcanic ash waste.

The Pics of the list above::
[Thumb - DSCN0418.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0452.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0453.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0450.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0447.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0448.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0449.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0448.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0446.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0456.JPG]

Made in us
Been Around the Block

So I got home from work and dived right into it here are my labors over the past 4 hours. Some of the green stuffing on the Hive Tyrant where done before I went to work.

Any thoughts on the paint job for the Hormagaunt would be great. I wanted to keep it simple/easy becouse I want to paint 60 of them for the a tournement on August 8th. Like easy in the way that I base prime it black and then mist it with white primer and then go from there. I still have to put some blood spladder on the baseing once the glue sets. My other thought was putting clear gloss over the blood to make it look nice and fresh.

almost finished DE flying base
Added detail to Deffdread & started first CCW
Greenstuffed the Deffdreads Base
More greenstuffed detail added to Tyrant
[Thumb - DSCN0465.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0466.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0467.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0468.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0464.JPG]
Lava Base for Dark Eldar Jetbike, still need to add highlights to ash

[Thumb - DSCN0457.JPG]
I didn't have an extra 60mm base, but i had like 5 blast templates some how.

[Thumb - DSCN0459.JPG]
Not to concered about being perfectly smooth I'll be covering it with flocking

[Thumb - DSCN0460.JPG]
With dread standing on the little hill

[Thumb - DSCN0461.JPG]
Detail of Dread

[Thumb - DSCN0462.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0463.JPG]
First CCW made from a few buzz saws from sentinal kit

[Thumb - DSCN0458.JPG]
This was a really old wrecking ball, that I only had half of so I'm going to be greenstuffing the other half.

[Thumb - DSCN0423.JPG]
Tyrant wings are starting to come together

[Thumb - DSCN0424.JPG]

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Well made more progress today. I'm still going to get alittle more done hopefully tonight before i go to bed. To the pics

Finished my First Flying Base
[Thumb - DSCN0470.JPG]
Here it is with jetbike

[Thumb - DSCN0472.JPG]
And next the start of the next lava base. I'm ripping through them all at once. Their my side project for when I have extra greenstuff mixed.

[Thumb - DSCN0484.JPG]
And the Winged Tyrant is almost done with one wing. I need to do some clean up where I got sloppy.

[Thumb - DSCN0473.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0474.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0475.JPG]
And back to the deff dread, that I work on while paint is drying or GS is setting. First arm is finished

[Thumb - DSCN0477.JPG]
WIP on Wrecking ball

[Thumb - DSCN0476.JPG]
Then I worked on beefing up one leg. Other leg will get done tommorow

[Thumb - DSCN0478.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0479.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0483.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0480.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0481.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0482.JPG]
Hope u enjoyed

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Progress has been slow the last two days regretably. I'm still fairly amauter at greenstuff and I spent a hell of alot of time fighitng the Hive Tyrant and I'm Still not happy with it. Other then that I switched up alittle of the style on the gaunts and started painting rank and file. Then got another arm almost finished on the Dredd (just needs a few rivets for detailing) and finished up the left leg.

[Thumb - DSCN0488.JPG]
I'm not happy with how the carapace on the left shoulder tourned out. Keeping things symetrical is tought.

[Thumb - DSCN0495.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0489.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0490.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0486.JPG]
Oops forgot to mention got the framework done on the rest of the Shrikes

[Thumb - DSCN0491.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0492.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0493.JPG]
I personally love the shoulder pad and the tua do-hickey thingy

Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

wow, you are really all over the place. I love it! That dred is looking mean. I like the bolted on tau/sm gear too. What did you use for those bolts?

Made in au


Bolts from ork axes and such, I imagine.

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

Subscribed (for the dread/killer khan-thing)

Made in us
Been Around the Block

What did you use for those bolts?

They came off tank traps I had a bunch of them that ripoed up for bases and of course had left overs.

[Thumb - DSCN0496.JPG]

Made in us
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar


Subscribed! The several projects going at once manages to keep my ADD in check! I like the paintjob on the nids!

:RIP: E.A.R.
:RIP: N.A.B.
Gone but never forgotten 
Made in us
Been Around the Block

tony_nids_10 wrote:Subscribed! The several projects going at once manages to keep my ADD in check! I like the paintjob on the nids!

I totally know I have ADD too thats why I have to run some mutch at once. I can not set down and paint for more then 30 min straight or I go batty. Thats why I'm bouncing from greenstuff, plasticard, to painting. It allows me to keep working warhammer while keeping that attention probale in check.

Well regredably I hit more first road block today I had planned on using a crane mounting from the back of the dread to swing the wrecking ball from. But I'm beginning to feel like it doesn't fit, mostly becouse it's seems obscenely tall. The orginal plane was to have the wrecking crane swinging over the right shoulder and left shoulder mounted rokkit pod launcha, made from IG hunter killer missles. I know that a single rokkit on dread is kinda silly for playability but I thought it would look bad***. Which is number one in my book on model building. Well here are some pics of the crane what do you think.
[Thumb - DSCN0497.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0500.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0501.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0502.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0503.JPG]
Start of Warrior brood, ready to start paint

[Thumb - DSCN0505.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0506.JPG]

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Also I finished up my first 6 of 60 Hormagaunts. Yeah 10% done on that grand project.

Well what do you think??

Did I over do it on the Blood splatters?? Its really easy to get carried away with a tooth brush and using the flick method its random as hell but it results in real cool look.

Also I was thinking next time I would paint the edge of the base black first then let any blood splatters show on the black instead of the way I did it on these. Any thoughts on that?

[Thumb - DSCN0507.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0508.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0509.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0510.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0510.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0511.JPG]

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

The crane looks fine, with the addition of bolts pistons and tubes it would look fantastic, By the way, how do you make the blood splatter effect on the 'nids?

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Finch Claw wrote:The crane looks fine, with the addition of bolts pistons and tubes it would look fantastic, By the way, how do you make the blood splatter effect on the 'nids?

Dip a cheep tooth brush in some paint and take your thumb and bend back the bristles and let the paint fly. Just where latex gloves. I made the mistake of only whereing a glove on my bristle hand so the hand holding the model is now spotted red. So don't do what I did and where gloves on both hands.
Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

[Thumb - we-see-what-you-did-there.jpg]

Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

Great wrecking ball arm on the dread! That's awesome.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

I've pretty much thrown all my attention at the dread for the past day and half. Between work and MTG draft tournement I haven't got as much done as I would like.

My major concern now is the rokkit launcha feels out of place. I'm sure It will look better once I spruce it up a bit with wires, bolds, and any other orky gobbins.

[Thumb - DSCN0515.JPG]
Completed Wrecking Crane

[Thumb - DSCN0516.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0517.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0518.JPG]
Drilled some holes on my exhust. Took shot half way through to show diffrence.

[Thumb - DSCN0521.JPG]
rokkit launcha???

[Thumb - DSCN0522.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0523.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0524.JPG]
Shot with arms around it. Thanks brother for holding the damn arm up.

[Thumb - DSCN0525.JPG]

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Made in au
Tunneling Trygon

Blood spatter look a little OTT. Although it looks cool, the best blood spatters are the dark gore ones on highly realistic models.
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

New York city

lots of wacky stuff , but in a good way .

The Warmonger Club

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Well got some work done and the dread is very close to being done. All that really remains is some detialing on the rokkit launcha. Also a little gap filling in a few spots with GS to do. Overall I'm very happy with even though its slightly larger then the standard Dread at least I can say its one of a kind and that is what matters most.

I also started painting the warriors. I'll post pics when I get them to an acceptaple level for a group shot.

To the Dread!!!
[Thumb - DSCN0526.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0527.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0528.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0529.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0530.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0531.JPG]
Group shot for scale.

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

It looks pretty darn awesome.

Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland


Made in au
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Melbourne, Australia

Are your engines and chainsaws etc GS press molds?

Good work - I like the dread!


There are 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.

My work in progress thread 
Made in us
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

West Virginia

I admire your plastic card skills. Loving the blood effects on those bugs!

The difference between commitment and involvement is like eggs and ham; the ckicken was "involved", the pig was "comitted".


Check out some of my best works at my Tumblr account: http://brotherzach.tumblr.com/ 
Made in gb
Furious Raptor


Can't wait to see that dread painted, you have amazing green stuffing skills, a gift from the Emporer even. please tell me your going to do more and more and keep posting and keep posting!

Just got back to wh40k =D 
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

6 foot underwater

That's a nice looking dread there

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Well, I'm back from vacation for those that were curious on the lack of posts. After a day of rest I dived back at the bench. And are almost done with the nid warriors. Gotta do one more pass of skull white on the bodies as well as eyes, and tongue on two of them. Then add some gore effects, little less bloody then the guants is the plan. I also started assembly line fashion a large squad of harmaguants.

PICS time.
[Thumb - DSCN0842.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0843.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0844.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0846.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0847.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0848.JPG]

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Time for my daily update on progress made. First off went to Menards for ultra fine sand paper for gs and while walking across the store I saw a stack of tool boxs on clearance. Nids are in my opionion the worst army when it comes to storage. Everything excpet tarmegaunts are huge, bulky, random, and hard to orginize in pre-cut foam trays. Well a quick trip to Michaels after Menards resulted in what you see below. Its remarkably effective and cheep. The models only shift if I voilently jerk it around like a crazy man (such as droping in down two or three stairs). And thats only slight movement at that. I also did some GSing on the Tyrant and the Shrikes. Their is finally light at the end of the tunnell in the Tyrant.

PICS hurray.
[Thumb - DSCN0849.JPG]
1" washer on base of each hormagaunt

[Thumb - DSCN0850.JPG]
rows of mag glued on tray.

[Thumb - DSCN0851.JPG]
Me having fun with hanging bugs

[Thumb - DSCN0852.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0853.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0855.JPG]
Whole tool box for scale. It has two trays inside. And big bottem eary with plenty of room in bottem for big bugs.

[Thumb - DSCN0856.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0857.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0858.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0859.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0860.JPG]

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Sorry for the slow updates, been busy. At recent local tournement I got the best sportsmen award and with my prize money I bought a valk for my IG. Assembly is done. All but the multi-laser is magnetic. I did a decent job on the base alltought I feel that it could have tourned out better. I also am about 60% done on paint job for the tyrant.

Pics time
[Thumb - DSCN0879.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0880.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0881.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0882.JPG]

[Thumb - RSCN0871.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0867.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0883.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0885.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN0886.JPG]

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