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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

hi, as any 1 got a good tutorial for painting BA red? I bought my first box of terminators today and i think the colour scheme for the blood angels is awesome . Any help would be greatly appreciated.! thanks

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Les Bursley at Amazingpaintjob.com has a tute that's pretty awesome. I used an almost identical process to produce a test mini for a commission (using a spray paint in place of the airbrush that he uses) and had excellent results. Remember to take your time and do it right!

Basecoat black => Red Gore basecoat from "above" => Blood Red highlight => Blazing Orange Highlight

Basecoat black with codex gray (add a bit of blue to it for a nice contrast) highlight on the black trim and/or gun.

Goblin Green w/ Scorpion Green highlight on the eye, followed by a Skull White dot in the back corner. If the model has chest gems, paint them the same. The green is nice contrast against the red.

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I figured a good way when doing my tech marines and my mate has now done a whole blood angel army with it.

Spray white base get a good coat so maybe need a few thin layers.

wash gryphonne sepia I know it sounds weird but nearly anything coats on top of it.

1 coat of blood red should cover perfectly.

wash with badab black.

then redo the armour blood red and highlight if you want to with a bit of orange.

you get a nice tone of red not to bright really good my mate dint highlight his as he liked them without as it looks a bit warn if you leave some black here and there heres a pic of one of my tech marines so you get an idea of the colour.

Hope it helps its very fast.

Made in gb
Lord of the Fleet


I go for a basecoat of Mechrite Red, followed with a coat of Blood Red, toned down with a wash of Baal Red.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

ive been doing 50/50 red gore chaos black-> red gore-> 50/50 red gore blood red-> blood red

2000'ish Blood Angels 2-0-1  
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Hey Bullyboy, you asked about the chipping in regards to this fig

First my red recipe as it is relevant (and on topic lol)

-Priming - black
-Base - Mechrite red
-Wash it all with a slightly watered down wash of 2:2:1 black ink, sepia ink, water
-re-applly mechrite red, leaving recesses
-layer on, in several, thin, watered layers, vallejo vermillion model color or GW blood red
-when you have blended up to the pure blood red color, apply an undiluted blood red edge highlight
- last step, a 50/50 blood red/vomit brown extreme edge highlight

For this particular model, I hand did the chips, but I recommend using CMdante's sponge chipping method as it works really nicely (google it)

to start, you dip the sponge (a piece from a blisterpack sponge will do) in black or charred brown paint and wipe off the excess as if you were drybrushing on a napkin.

The, dab the armor edges with the sponge, you will get a nice, natural chipping pattern. Concentrate the chipping around edges and areas that would get a lot of wear like toes, knees, shoulder plates etc.

When you have your chipping pattern base finished, you go on to the next step. Put a grey or chainmail dot in the middle of the larger black chips, don't overdo it, it should be subtle.

Next, take the 50 50 mix of vomit brown blood red (or even straight vomit brown if you want) and paint a very, very thin line along the edge of the chip closes to the floor/down direction.

And voila, chips!

Hope that helps!

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Oh, and practice on something before you sponge the model to make sure it is marking just right, if you dont wipe off enough paint, you will just be smearing black everywhere!

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Made in au
Imperial Agent Provocateur

If you want a darker base color (bright red always seems too cartoony for me) go for a 50/50 mix of mechrite and blood red. This way you have the option of using the citadel spray gun and your marines will look SERIOUS.

Then of course highlight with Blood Red, maybe mix in a lil orange for a final highlight. Shade with Devlan Mud if anything.

Australian based commission painter
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Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

Indeed, I love flesh-tearer burgundy schemes too. For those, Vallejo model color Burnt Cadmium is an amazing color. That to scab red/mechrite looks fantastic and rich.

Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick


I use the following method for my BA...

basecoat white, GW stpid air gun, or airbrush mechrite red, wash with blue (forget the name), blood red then blazing orange the higlights. I also add chipped peices with the same progression...mechrite, blood, blazing, mithril.

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Made in gb

Aberdare, South Wales

For my BA's, I start with a white undercoat. Then give one all over coat of Mechrite Red and then Blood Red (I use the spray gun, but brushing works fine as long as its even).

Then I use Devlin Mud, all over & thick. Then I use Baal Red on the "Plates" just to give it a tint and for a slightly brighter look. Make sure its only in the plates, not the recesses and chinks in the armour as it would cancel the Devlin Mud shadow effect.

Will get a pic up in a bit once I have sorted the kids out, obviously a WIP but you will get the general idea.

Good luck

Pictures are up

These dont have the Baal Red on them just yet, but they look grand just like this. Apologies for the lighting too :(

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Alright, we'll call it a draw 
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Wow every one thank you so much! some really good tutorials thanks again. Major tom that is a really nice looking mini.
Made in gb
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine

behind you

Valkyrie wrote:I go for a basecoat of Mechrite Red, followed with a coat of Blood Red, toned down with a wash of Baal Red.

This exactly what I do as well then if I am doing a proper job I do another coat of blood red avoiding the recesses

[Thumb - P6210014.JPG]

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Made in us
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For my Blood Angels:

Prime black -> basecoat Mechrite Red -> blood red (leaving recesses mechrite) -> wash with devlan mud -> couple of layers of blood red (leaving the recesses dark) -> wash baal red -> line highlight with straight blood red -> very fine edge highlight with 1:1 blazing orange/blood red

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Hey guys thanks for every ones help i'l post pictures tomorrow thanks again!
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick


chub wrote:
Valkyrie wrote:I go for a basecoat of Mechrite Red, followed with a coat of Blood Red, toned down with a wash of Baal Red.

This exactly what I do as well then if I am doing a proper job I do another coat of blood red avoiding the recesses

thiccck paaaynnntt.....

Sold everything.  
Made in gb
Anti-Armour Yaogat

Stoke-on-trent uk

This is a shameless plug but the blog in my sig has a tutorial on how to paint red XD

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the blog in my sig has a tutorial on painting red , sorry if this is a plug i just dont wanna copy it out.


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i realize this post is ancient, but just thought id contribute my scheme for BA red.

-Primer Black
-Bascoat Mechrite Red
-Carefully ink recessess with Black Ink
-Waterdown Red Gore to make an ink and apply over entire model, including into the recessess
-Apply Red Gore/Blood Red (1:1) to model
-Apply Red Gore/Blood Red (1:2) to model. Begin working color towards light source, leaving some of the last color behind
-Apply Blood red as a final highlight to model

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