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Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

I joined Dakka about a month ago specifically to do this. I finally plucked up the courage because to be honest there is so much work on here that is excellent that it is a bit disheartening to even post your stuff...but post nonetheless I will!

So, I intend to create a little bit of mystery from the outset. I am going to create some Renegades from the Imperium. But they aren't going to be Chaos. The Keen of Eye and mind will quickly work out what I am going to do I think but hopefully not straight away. I can't compete on the modelling or painting...but I have a interesting story (i think)

A bit of my background

I am slowly getting back into the W40k world after nearly a decades absence. I started W40k in the very early 90s then suffered a modelling disaster (the repercussions of which I am still facing today) about 1998 which was about the time I was getting into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Call of Cthulu. These distracted me till I finished University (where I would sneak from post rugby booze ups in the centre of London to play a quick 4hrs of roleplay at the immense but small ULU Gamesoc)...after graduating I've ended up in the Philippines...and I thought my hobby days were past me.

Until is a visitor gifted me the entire Horus Heresy series in thanks for putting him up. Reading it I was inspired at least by Dan Abnett (there are some baaad books in that series)...and almost immediately went out and got a Tac squad and a rhino...from the sole distributor here Neutral Grounds.

After much thought and planning I have come up with the fluff for my new army...and I bought a lot of my old miniatures over from the UK at Christmas.

Once the army nature is guessed I will reveal the fluff (I don't think some people will like it, but I do and thats what matters). I will be basing the army and points it on the Chaos Codex.


Supplies like plasticard are non-existent here. And greenstuff is very limited!
I have a tiny budget.
I haven't painted a model in over 10 years.
And even when I did paint I sucked.
I last played a proper game in the 2nd Ed...we are now in the 5th...there are new races...there are lost races...its a new world.
I have yet to recover from my modeling disaster.

My Crime

In the days before internet - or at least before I had internet - I decided that I would paint my army properly.

This required stripping my 80 plus marines of a thick goey white undercoat and a Dark Angels type paint job.

I placed all my marines bar a few i had misplaced in a tub of Methaleted Spirits.

I then went away for the weekend knowing, as I was living on a construction site that Meths ate paint.

Unfortunately Meths also eats plastic I lost around 40 converted plastic marines in their entirity that day. Plus around 40 sets of arms and bolters.

I was left a broken hobbyist and switched to Roleplay where I could forget the destruction.

[u]A New Hope

Unbeknownst to me I actually did something quite smart. Around the millenium as my friends were leaving the hobby (armies intact) I offered to buy them off them. And on the most part they accepted. I did this purely because I liked looking at the miniatures and had a hope of one day painting a army properly. Some bargains (I realize now and can't quite believe I haggled!) of the time included 20 Legion of the Damned, plus a Dread, plus a Landspeeder for 15 quid. A made several such deals safely packing them away for a future where I had some skill!

What I need from Dakka Dakka

Is input! I am learning to model, paint and play essentially from scratch! I've scoured the blogs on here for information but I need help!


I am giving myself a year to do this project. I have about 350-400 miniatures in all. My first job will be to convert and paint my four dreads.

Why my dreads first? Because they are big and look easiest to learn to paint on. Plus they are metal so I can mess up and start again real easy.

Some pics[b]
[Thumb - 002.JPG]
The renegade insignia

[Thumb - 003.JPG]
I have another like this, 4 gaxt and 16 runts...two squads of original beastmen

[Thumb - 006.JPG]
This is my very first sculpt. It is the basis of my

[Thumb - 007.JPG]
A size comparison. That guardmens was painted with felt tip a loooong time ago. I hang my head.

[Thumb - 008.JPG]
A box of succesfully stiped minis

[Thumb - 009.JPG]
Metal are scouts and plastic are a new Tac squad. I have 30+ metal scouts...somewhere

[Thumb - 010.JPG]
A salvaged vehicle. All bluetacked. Thinking of making it transport for my Tech Marines...

[Thumb - 011.JPG]
Will probably remove the flamer and replace with a heavy bolter.

[Thumb - 013.JPG]
My first conversion c.96. Made out of a model that came with the 2nd Ed boxed set.

[Thumb - 015.JPG]
My vehicles. I have 3 other dreads + 2 attack bikes

[Thumb - 016.JPG]
Some techies have 4 more plus two of the new ones.

[Thumb - 018.JPG]
The close viewer will note some missing bits...a hint at my modelling crime.

[Thumb - 021.JPG]
A stack of models...mostly recovering from my crime.

[Thumb - 030.JPG]
My best of the new era.

[Thumb - 046.JPG]
Stuck in doors a few weeks ago when a typhoon hit....

[Thumb - 048.JPG]
I made three count as Imperial Lightenings

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in fi
Been Around the Block


Looking good with those flyers just a quick note btw - I see you have alot of really old and classic miniatures. I noticed you said you have a small budget, so why not sell atleast some of the classic stuff you have and try to fund your newfound old hobby with that? Im no expert, but I do think that classic oop stuff could fetch a relatively high price on internet auctions - theres alot of diehard collectors online afterall
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

Actually I've looked into that already...its too costly to ship from the Philippines (about 10 quid postage for 1 model!) but I will take some of them back home with me at Christmas and put them on Ebay....then use that money in a binge at GW.

When I bought some over a few months ago I got exceedingly strange looks at customs...and had my bag searched :-(

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ca
Storm Trooper with Maglight


i like it man looks realy nice

*side note 100th post!

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Link to my Gaurd blog, PLease Coment!: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/497565.page#0  
Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

So... I'm liking where this is going, and those scratch built jets are rather impressive, to be honest.

I love the classic minis, nostalgia take all.

I'll be watching.

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Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

@ The Good Green - Thanks! I'm going to scratchbuild as much as possible...though its mainly card, so I hope the paint stays ok.

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I also have a regiment of Cathay, and about 40 halfling militia lurking somwhere...

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in eu
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut


You're certainly at no shortage of Miniatures there, and although there is some Junk (No Offence, we all have it, myself included! ), there are certainly many treasures which I would give a leg and an arm to have. Scratch-Building is also great, although I haven't summoned the courage to attempt it myself yet. I quite fancy a Thunderhawk, or some Drop Pods, though.

Consider this Thread... watched.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

@Popsicle: Actually one of my problems is I can't work out what do after my dreads...I'm not complaining...but I have a lot, and no space!

Anyway, hopefully here is my colour scheme for the SOS

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These ain't Blood Angels/Shield of Sanguinas ither...

I;ve gone for a sacrificial theme...

Blood red, stone slab black, bone white and stabbing knife bronze...

I actually just got told off by my partner for being on Dakka...not for not doing my work (which I should be) but for not working on miniatures...

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in eu
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut


Interesting... well, I'd try and piece together a Tactical Squad, and if you have one, a Scout Squad, because then you can add whatever your heart desires, and it will still be playable to some extent. It might be a good idea to Paint a Rhino Transport for the Tactical Squad as well, and then just tackle everything 1 Miniature at a time.

The Scheme is interesting. I'm not sure about the White, as it's pretty hard to paint. Have you considered Yellow? That would tone in with the Brown nicely. Speaking of Brown, I'd change the Khaki Colour on the Backpack to match the Browns. In fact, I'd even consider changing the Browns to Black or Near-Black. Up to you, though. If you like it, go for it.

*Cough* Comment on my Blog *Cough*
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

Yellow could work well...as would the browns (in my mind) if my paints skills are up to it! (no harm in tyring!)

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in gb
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut


That's the spirit! No harm in trying at all. You look like you've got enough potential Test Pieces there, for sure!

With the Browns, if you're going to keep them, then you might want to consider a Desert/Dirt Base, which should tie nicely. Perhaps, in the Fluff - if you're writing any - include that their Planet is one dominated by harsh Desert Plains and vast Dirt Fields, and their Armour is painted to reflect this?
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

I have some fluff but I'll post that when its guessed as to their origin...it should be fairly obvious by tomorrow morning when I do some WIP on the dreads...

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in gb
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut


Mm... I guess Space Wolves?
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom


Although...I do have a few models somewhere...

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

I did these the other day. The Paintjob is from about 96. The originally came with a came called Darkworld which Citadel made the miniatures for.

The next steps for these is some gs clothes...I probably should have done it before the I stuck the guns on...but lesson learned. I have a really short supply of gs (1 pack) and I need most of it for my count as Daemon Prince....

Comments welcome....
[Thumb - 025.JPG]
WIP Renegade Ogryns

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

I love those Imperial lightnings. Good job on the rest as well.

Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

@ Scrazza Thanks man that means a lot! I like them too...though I am a bit stuck so I;m looking for advice as to what to do next! Total cost for each one is about GBP1 including the sentinel bits from the battalion box set...

Meant to get pics up to day but how to go onsite so no work done (but real work done). Dread pics up tomorrow inc SOS decals...

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Fresh-Faced New User

Try going to neutralgrounds.net/forums there's a thread there specifically for warhammer 40k. you could ask help from the guys there(most of them are from manila and some are from cebu), no need to worry about greenstuff and plasticard they have it in manila just not in Neutral grounds.

hope this helps

Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

@ Trigger 41! Hey...where do you get plasticard and greenstuff? I went to NG a few months ago to play a couple of games (tall white guy) but since then I've pretty much been out of town with work each weekend! Will check out the forums...keep meaning to go play at Glorietta on Saturday but something always comes up...next week hopefully!


Here is my WIP[b] for today!!

3 Dreads to be iconed constructed and base coated....first time I have basecoated anything in years...the forth is plastic and is already basecoated. I am debating to put one on sentinel legs...will see...

Some pics:

Automatically Appended Next Post:
So first things first do the icons...
[Thumb - 005.JPG]
Todays WIP

[Thumb - 006.JPG]
My tools...

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

When working with this wood putty you have about 10 minutes before it hardens.

I accidentally cut too much off...but I am pretty pleased with these icons...basically taking about a minute each for 4 (as I got a call from work half way through)!

What do you think?

Any guesses as to the origin of this army yet?

[Thumb - 014.JPG]
Dread Lascanon Right Arm Icon WIP (1min)

[Thumb - 016.JPG]
2nd Dread body WIP

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Fresh-Faced New User

@manok: sorry im not from manila a friend of mine just got plasticard from there.
try to look for a guy named freddie yu He's also here in dakkadakka as well as Neutral grounds forums his username is freddieyu you can ask him where to buy plasticard, IIRC he said something about a place near UST (try asking him just to be sure)
for the putty ive heard normal waterproof hardware putty from Ace/true value(hardware shops) can be good substitutes its cheaper (costs you less than P100) try canvasing on what brands are good substitutes cause I heard there are some brands that are really horrible GS substitutes.

Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

Yep that is what I use. I just use the wood colour version because I want the colour to be lighter in the end...it is cheap..the drawback being it sets solid in about 10mins...so you need to be quick...

Will post my work for the day in a min...they're still drying...

Damn I'm out of battery on my camera...so can't show the end of the days work. Undercoat has worked well. A fairly even black...

Extremely pleased with my putty carving and general icon formation. Should look good painted!!

Anyway here is a pretty bad clue as to the theme of the army...

Led Zeppelin: 3.1.21.

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

So last night feeling quite inspired I sculpted a load of Icons for the Sons of S..... on to my Whirlwind, Landraider, a few termie shoulder pads, and the two attack bikes. Will post pictures as soon as I find my charger...

Did a quick count of points...I think I have about 10,000 at least in terms of Space Marines then 2500 Imperial Guard (Reneguards) and I have no idea what the points are for the Navy...but I will be knocking out a few more Lightnings as I think 9 would look effective...then will scratchbuild two thunderhawks...

But will get a 'To do list' up this afternoon hopefully with WIP pics..

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom


So instead of working this afternoon I have written up my fluff. I am have a lot of work to do now, as I'm out of town for the next couple of days...and where I am 'going we don't have roads' or internet to paraphrase Emit Brown.

Fluff Background

A long time ago at the ULU Gamesoc I had the pleasure of playing WFRP with the great Reverend Lepper. As a fresh faced undergrad who had been reading and using Lepper's work for literally years this was beyond a dream come true. One day the Rev didn't show, and me and a fellow roleplayer descended into the crypt (the society storage room) just to pass time. It was literally a treasure trove, and if someone had not been in their I think I would have significantly increased my collection on miniatures. But I didn't and we pulled out a dusty copy of Blood Bowl and had a game. In the box was a solitary white Dward, I think Pre-100th issue. In this time White Dwarf was good. And it included WFRP suppliments as well as bits on almost unknown games today (I am sure you know what I mean). But to cut a very long winded story short...this issue of WD had a WFRP scenario in it where a group of adventures stumbled up a Mt in Lustria and found a Space Marine Drop Pod.

This is partly what inspired this army. The other is the sometime dire, sometimes excellent Horus Heresy series, a fascination with the Last of the Mohicans twixt Pre-Heresy SM and...well..a lot of old minis that I need a explanation for....

I realize that if anyone reads this, some of you will be against it, but you know...in the old days all these games were linked together...and that's the key...it is just a game...

For your consideration...the 2nd Legion.

The Fluff.

During the Great Crusade, in a time before the Emperors Return to Terra but after the finding of the Primarch Alpharius, the Emperor in all his wisdom had a vision.
It was of his missing Primarchs. He saw that the powers of Chaos had ushered two off his sons into the warp, and saw their journey through it to a small planet where thousands of spacecraft and races had crashed trapped by unending solar storms and fluctuations in the Warp around the planet. Due to the anarchic nature of the Warp his two Sons, unknown brothers, crashed on the planet apart. Of one son he knew no more, but of the other he saw all his life from the crash of his birthing pod on the planet, his wars. He saw that at fifteen his young son had defended his village singlehandedly from green skin gretchens, and had defeated a green skin war band in retribution! He saw the freeing of a ancient squat forge-master and the bonds of friendship born between Super and Ab-human. He saw the boy, age fifteen receive a force weapon of unimaginable power as a gift from the Squats. He saw the unification of the human population – descended from thousands of ships crashed after becoming lost in the warp. He defeated men possessed by those beyond the Ghoul Stars.

Finally in the twilight of his vision he saw his son fight his son, brother fight brother. And his son who he had watched enter manhood in a matter of seconds remained un-defeated. The Emperor of all Mankind knew that this was his greatest Son, for he held no ambition yet the fulfilment of duty, no hope except the defeat of choas, and strength enough to defeat a brother without harm to himself. If ever he had an heir this was he for he knew he would not suffer the petty rivalries that plagued his found Sons and their Legions. The Eleventh Legion , that of his defeated Son who had been corrupted beyond all recognition but that of the Emperor were dispatched to the very edge of the galaxy where they were to give service in what was to be a unknown suicide mission of protection and diversion against the increasing threat of a species yet unknown to all bar the Emperor. The Emperor ashamed of his failure with the Eleventh, and wishing to conceal the identity of the Second till he could present his Son to all his Primarch’s as a completed family deleted from record all knowledge of these mighty Legions.

The Emperor of Mankind immediately returned to Terra leaving his first Son, Horus, as Warmaster on the Great Crusade in his place and asking his Sons to show their greatness! Upon Terra the Emperor knew he must create a device that would enable him to communicate with his Son through the warp storms that ravaged his planet. He knew it would take a generation to conceive and construct so, for this period he created the Council of Terra, and the Imperial Tithe so that his Empire, that of Mankind, would continue whilst he worked in solitude on what became known as the Golden Thrown, a device designed to communicate solely with his Son by halting time and thereby finding paths through the storm. He sent the gene-seed Legion of his Son to the planet, thought the warp, guided by himself on the Golden Thrown. It took immense concentration and around him events were unfolding that would bring to the very brink of destruction his Empire.
The Emperor having completed his Golden Thrown communicated with his Son for the first time and they bonded like no other Son had bonded to his father. By now his Son had ruled his people for fifty years and was seeking new challenges and was beginning to wonder why he had not aged whilst those around him passed into legend. The Emperor told him of his history, of his brothers, of his aims; for the enlightenment of all the galaxy and the defeat of Chaos, and told him that to transport him off of his planet was fraught with danger and that he would need travel alone, for only his super-human constitution could save him given that his planet had yet to invent any form of sophisticated space flight or automation and mass production.

The Son left his people and headed to the highest peak on his planet where he waited for a sign. A year later a pod crashed near his small campsite. The armoured men inside had not survived the landing and they were left where they lay. For inside the pod lay the means for the Primarch to leave the planet and reach his Legion above. His Father across interstellar distances directed him in the use of the craft and he left his homeworld promising that one day he would return and free his people. As he reached his Armada above the planet he was contacted by his Father who was heartbroken for his first Son, Horus, had turned against him, and civil-war had broken out in the Galaxy. Years passed as the armada slowly made their way through the warp to where they believed Terra lay, for no message more was heard from the Emperor for months.

Until the lost Primarch heard again from his father. He told his Son he had been imprisoned on his thrown after collapsing from the exertion of defeating his Son turned Traitor - Horus. He informed his Son that he must defeat the institutions that held him Prisoner, the Council of Terra (who were telling the populace he had been mortally and was a God, a Omnisiah, neither of which were correct), and seek his freedom if it take Millennia and the destruction of a Billion lives, for he foresaw the power of the institution and saw that it was corrupting his vision in to something intolerant and hateful and would lead to countless trillions being sacrificed in his name, and in the name of his still loyal though now misguided Sons. The Primarch told all this to his Legion and there was much sorrow. But from this the Legion yet untested with their new Leader grew stronger. For they resolved that if they were the last of the true Space Marines they could not fail in their task for the future of the human race was at stake. They must bring light to the darkplaces and there was no grimmer or darker place than the visage the Emperor was painting of the galaxy.

Though the journey through the warp for the armada took but a few years as they were guided by the Emperor himself on the outside Millennia had passed, and as armies of the Second Legion re-entered the Galaxy in the 41st Millennium it was one unrecognisable to all of them even the Emperor seeing through his sons mind that he had been trapped for ten thousand years.
Now the last of the Primarchs, his loyal Space Marines, and the armies of the Second Legion fight towards Terra and no man or monster shall stop them. For they must free the Emperor from the Imperium that has chained him, and bring enlightenment to the Galaxy once more. The Last of the Primarchs know that the task is near impossible but with the guidance of his imprisoned father they hope that finally right makes might.

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

So...no comment on my fluff? Either it is astoundingly good..or...er..fanboys are out to kill me...

Well. No pics to load. I am currently at work. Which is 500m from here.


Yes. How awesome is that. I get to visit this once in a while. Napalm and surf will be a theme for the next project at least!

Anywho pics up on sunday...

Comments would be really welcome guys!

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
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Fear not the fanboy, Manoknok, for thy fluff was a gift from the Emperor of Mankind.

But seriously, I thought that fluff was really good. And the army itself looks like it will be pretty amazing.

Subscribed and waiting with interest

"We Die Standing" 
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

I am assuming now that after the fluff everyone of the 5 people who had read it knows who the missing Primarch is...

...I given up on my camera, and I am resigned to taking photos with my phone.

Here are a few of the undercoated dreads. Need to go buy some paints to paint them, but we are looking at Terracota. The reason for this is when I went to the hobby store they had a load of Terracota and no Gore Red. So...I figured that was a sign from the Emperor...

So here are 3 of my 4 dreads...

Automatically Appended Next Post:
You cannot really see those very clearly I know...but when it is painted I think they will come up a beaut...

[Thumb - IMG00008-20100801-1007.jpg]
Dread Lascanon Right Arm Icon WIP (1min) Undercoated

[Thumb - IMG00010-20100801-1008.jpg]
For the Primarch...can you guess who it is yet?

[Thumb - IMG00013-20100801-1009.jpg]
All the dreads have 2

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Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
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Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

These are actually the first vehicles I ever put together (bar bikes). The 7 of the 8 other tanks I have were all purchased from people leaving the game and wanting to make a little money.

So I am really pleased with how these came out..baring in mind with the wood putty you have about 5 mins to mix, place and sculpt. I've got a really easy way to sculpt these icons now. First just but a circular blob down and press it so its a faily even circle. Then with two little cylinders press them on to the blob going out as in two angles. Next get a tiny philips head and make some meteor marks on the comet (or should that be primarch pod). Then with a scalpel attack the sides like you have 1 minute to make as many tiny triangles as possible...which is of course true as by the time you have got to this stage you have about 1min before the putty sets. As you complete the 2nd line in the triangle rougly but carefully scrape it away. This forms a great little flame effect...

Before I spray these I want to get a few more things ready to undercoat. Probably the bikes and another tank. But here are the landraider and whirlwind. I will free hand paint comets on the actual vehicle sides...

Any tips on how to do vehicles? I have never painted a tank before. I read on here that a make up sponge is really good to use...answer on a post! Comments...suggestions welcome!

'Death to the Believer!'
[Thumb - IMG00015-20100801-1011.jpg]
Landraider top

[Thumb - IMG00017-20100801-1011.jpg]
Whirlwind side. I love the whirlwinds. Death from afar....

[Thumb - IMG00019-20100801-1013.jpg]
This is a part of a landspeeder. 4 more landspeeders to icon.

[Thumb - IMG00018-20100801-1012.jpg]
Attack bike. 1 more to do

[Thumb - IMG00020-20100801-1014.jpg]
A terminator shoulder pad. Not great, but serviceable. Was running out of time - had about 30 secs for whole sculpt.

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in ph
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Philipppines/United Kingdom

Incidentally, my Primarch is progressing slowly...I've straightened out this feet since now...but anyone have an idea how to GS feet?

Infact...I need to do a whole suit of armour...

[Thumb - IMG00022-20100801-1014.jpg]
Have sorted out the feet more than this. I need to start thinking about GS ing armour.

Makati Marauders Gaming and Painting Club.
Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

Earlobe deep in doo doo

If your interested in Cardstock modelling BWC archive is a good place to sign up. If the 2nd Legions primarch is annoyed at the Imperium worshipping the Emperor as a God maybe he should check back home. For the Primarch I'd suggest looking at Sersi or Migsula's true scale work.

"But me no buts! Our comrades get hurt. Our friends die. Falkenburg is a knight who swore an oath to serve the church and to defend the weak. He'd be the first to tell you to stop puling and start planning. Because what we are doing-at risk to ourselves-is what we have sworn to do. The West relies on us. It is a risk we take with pride. It is an oath we honour. Even when some soft southern burgher mutters about us, we know the reason he sleeps soft and comfortable, why his wife is able to complain about the price of cabbages as her most serious problem and why his children dare to throw dung and yell "Knot" when we pass. It's because we are what we are. For all our faults we stand for law and light.
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