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mesa, az

Hey guys i love how this mini is painted and i sawn one similar that i cant find of a normal SM and i just really really like the scheme but cant figure out what colors to use to get that stone looking color. help?

here is a pic
[Thumb - GDsinglefront.jpg]

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Looks like Codex Grey and Fortress Grey, painted in a similar way to the NMM techinique.

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Tucson, AZ, USA

Any ideas who painted this? It is amazing.

Agree with Valkyrie, probably Codex Grey blended to Fortress Grey, and loads of NMM. Really good understanding on reflections and lighting not just on metal bits too.

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This is a model of a guy who was featured in White Dwarf a year ago. I hope I don´t confuse two different painters now, but I think he is a specialist for painting what was called ,,cell-shading-look!. He paints great! Very very good blending.

I would try to mix a small amount of graveyard earth into the first layers of grey.

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...urrrr... I dunno

Something like this is going to require some serious blending and layering, so good luck! Otherwise, it just looks like you will need the colours people have already stated.

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alexneufeld wrote:Any ideas who painted this? It is amazing.

its a sm captain painted by Luke Andrew McFarlane and he won the australian slayer sword in 2007 with it

additional pic:

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