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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

Hello! For the past week and a half, I've been trying to acquire Tomb Spyders, even going so far as to write a trade thread titled, "Diary of a Life Without Tomb Spyders. I've been in simultaneous trade negotiations with more than a dozen people for elements of my Necron army, including the tomb spyders.

On August 25th, LittleCizur messaged me, informing me that he had a Tomb Spyder he was willing to trade. At the time, I had zero tomb spyders, and responded positively that I would like it, and to let me know what he wanted for it. We agreed on trading the Tomb Spyder for six tactical marines.

Four days later, after repeated messaging and no responses from LittleCizur, he sends me a PM stating simply, "If you haven't sent the Tactical Marines, don't."

I inquire why, and he responds that his child tore the model apart. I told him that if it was fixable, the trade would still be a go because I still need tomb spyders. He tells me that he'll work on it. At this point, I have three tomb spyders, with a fourth on the way and am still trying to work trades.

Over the next couple of days, LittleCizur posts this thread that he's looking to trade out his Necrons, and is interested in Dark Eldar. I respond in detail, I'd do a complete army trade - I need a bunch of his stuff, and this sounds like a great opportunity. I get no response. I send him a PM, and he responds with "I'd be interested in DE" but I can't get him to go into detail, or work out trade details. No response.

Then he posts this threadthat he's looking to trade his Necrons for Tau. I responded there as well (confused) because he hasn't gotten in touch with me either way to explore the DE vs Necron Army trade.

More days go by and as of last night, I've made arrangements to acquire all nine tomb spyders. I traded for four, and purchased five.

Today, LittleCizur sends me the following message:
From: LittleCizur
To: Dashofpepper
Date: 2010/09/01 16:40:49
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Tomb Spider
My apologies for the delay, but I'm getting the Tomb Spyder out today.

I'll get delivery confirmation as well. The box is a tad oversized, so it will cost me a bit more - but no biggie.

One leg was loose (but you were aware of this). Hopefully nothing else decides to pop off during shipping.
I responded with the following:
From: Dashofpepper
To: LittleCizur
Date: 2010/09/01 17:04:26
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Tomb Spider

Hold off - I've gotten everything actually taken care of now; I had multiple trade offers going and was picking them up as they arrived.

Last night I got a deal for three tomb spyders (and 12 scarabs and a Deceiver) for 50% off retail and took it - so I should have everything now.
LittleCizur responded with this:
From: LittleCizur
To: Dashofpepper
Date: 2010/09/01 17:13:31
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Tomb Spider
We already agreed on the deal - it is too late to back off.
Dont care if you got a special deal or not, we made an agreement well before last night.

If you back out, you'll be getting a GREAT DEAL of negative comments from me in the forums.

This is a trade going wrong, so I posted a transaction report. I'd been trying to get a trade with him for a week, with little response, no details.....and I managed to secure nine tomb spyders in the time he wasn't responding to me. I don't feel guilty for exploring multiple trade opportunities at the same time, and his poor communication kept this one from happening....

And now he's threatening reprisal on the forums if I don't follow through and trade. I messaged him that if he had sent the model out, I'd honor it but he's sitting on it and communication has been scant, so I didn't stop looking.

Anyway, this thread is damage control.

Speaking of all my other trades, in the last week I've had positive trades with porkuslime, WarOne, Lucid, General Chaos, lowmanjason, and J-Roc77 without issues. This one is just a bad apple.

Made in us
Crazed Gorger

Wichita, KS.

We made an agreement to trade 6 tactical marines for 1 tomb spyder. Which I honored.

You said you would ship the models out on Monday - which you obviously didn't.
"Drop a delivery confirmation onto your package to me; I'll get the tactical marines in the mail to you on Monday. "

I met my end of the deal, and now you are making it out as though I AM THE BAD TRADER??? Hilarious!
We had an agreement - I mailed my side of the deal out, what about you? And I'm the one at fault? Uhm...

And I agree, you did offer me other trades.

1) The remainder of my Necrons for your Dark Eldar scraps
-----I didn't care for this offer, so I ignored it.

2) The remainder of my Necrons for some random Tau.
-----One time you said it was for your friend, then you said it was for your wife. It sounded a little fishy, so I ignored it, as I wasn't interested after all the negative interaction with you. I didn't want to agree to further trades. And after reading some of your posts, DEMANDING me people break up their army lists just so you could get the 2 or 3 pieces you really wanted. I got the feeling you were either very young, or very immature.

So...apparently - not responding to poor trade offers, made by someone you dont care for, makes me a bad person.

Offering me your DE scraps for a complete army? Then telling me the 6 tactical marines are painted, after telling me they are primed black. Make up your mind!!! Then you laugh it off, saying they were a bargaining chip so you would have to do less work. Yeah, that's real funny.

I'm assuming the 6 tacticals you were SUPPOSE to send me are the same painted figures that you stripped, and then primed. So I'm getting old, beat up, stripped figures for a brand new tomb spyder (one loose leg).

I'm taking the beating on the deal, as 6 basic tactical marines are NOT worth 20 bucks. But you were in desperate need of Spyders, so I thought I'd be nice and help you out. Now I get bent over on the deal, and you post in a main forum about ME being the one in the wrong. KMA

And...... now that I've simmered down a tad.

I'm just going to let things pass. You'll be receiving the Tomb Spyder in a couple of days. Consider it a gift from your good friend LittleCizur. No hard feelings.

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LittleCizur: Successful Trades: 8
With: Stimutacs, inquisitor_bob, Vintagemustangs, Foxphoenix135, WarOne, MangeledMetal, syypher, glon52 
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

I'm going to step in here quickly and remind everyone that they should only be posting to this TR (or any TR, for that matter) if they have relevant information to add regarding the trade in question.

Off-topic posts or posts not adding to the purpose of the thread will be deleted.

Edit: Inflammatory posts will meet with greater disciplinary action the just being deleted. Normal forum rules still apply to TRs. This thread is already walking the line of being closed, and it was just posted. First and final warning...

This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 2010/09/02 01:18:51

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents


Your Necron army is a combination of units....not a competitive list, not even playable together based on your available units. The Dark Eldar I have for trade are much the same - you can build an army out of them, make a good list, but its not a "point themed army" like yours is not.

The tactical marines that I was going to trade to you - I have 20 of them - 10 of them are primed black, the other 10 are base-coated in DA colors. Since I have no interest in playing DA, I asked if you had any interest in taking those; I'd prefer to keep the primed ones. You didn't, so I said that you'd get the primed ones instead.

In terms of monetary value....if you pay a visit to www.games-workshop.com, go to the troop section of space marines and pull up a box of tactical marines - if you divide the total cost by the number of marines in the box, you will see that six tactical marines *ARE* worth $22.35 if we're trading at retail value. http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440273a&prodId=prod1060074

While I was looking for spyders, I found nine of them in the week and change that I couldn't get you to hammer down trade terms. It would have ended there - the only reason this thread exists is because of your threats, and my wish to protect myself against slander. As of your last PM, you hadn't sent your tomb spyder, which is why I was comfortable calling it off.

Don't feel wronged, don't feel obligated to send your tomb spyders to me - I've taken care of my needs; I just created a transaction report as damage control for your stated intentions.

Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Now that the facts are out, I'm going to lock this thread.

This is an unusual case, but in general, a transaction report is not needed unless a trade has actually taken place, and for some reason has gone afoul and cannot be worked out via PM. I still can't decipher if that is the case or not here.

If those involved have new information or for some reason would like this thread re-opened, PM me.

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