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Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

Okay so I decided to post my WIPs for my IG up here to see if anyone can give me a hand figuring some stuff out.(I gotta a lot of good advice last time I asked for it).
Shown First is the one model I finished, my Vendetta, which I am good with. I threw in a few step by step pics to show how I did it.

But second is my Lazcannon team which I was happy with, right until I blew Flocking all over the sides of them with out realizing they were still a bit too wet for that. So what should I do to salvage my Heavy weapons teams? Or is better to just do nothing , in order not to wreck them? ( I did try using a dry brush to sweep the stuff off, but it had dried over night and what you see is what was left behind.

After that is an old Buggy I built and painted up , way back, that I'd like to resurrect for my current army. Aside from giving the wheels axels to connect to, what else should I do to it?
I want to repaint it, but I am afraid that if I strip it, all the glue will give away. Also, should I get rid of the Heavy Bolters in favor of something else?
Would love to hear some suggestions on any or all of this.
[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 001.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 002.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 012.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 013.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 014.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 015.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 016.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 017.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 019.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 011.jpg]
oh crap...

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 009.jpg]
oh crap crap...

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 053.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 053.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 056.jpg]

[Thumb - Ryan 40K 2.0 055.jpg]

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Solomons, Maryland USA

Is there a way you could leave the flock but add mud or something to make it look like they were fighting in muck?
Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

well it is a mucky army, so maybe.....

Made in us
Boosting Space Marine Biker

Sidney (Home of Nothing), OH. USA

Question time! Was the paint wet when you got flock on them? If that was the case, a stiff brush will probably take off the flock with minimal damage to your paint job. A quick bit of advice on your painting, also. Try watering down your paint, just a bit. It will help to smooth things out and won't clog your details. Otherwise, looking good! Hope this helps!

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Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

I'll try a stiffer brush than the one i was using. It was'nt the paint that was still wet, it was the wash I had used.
As I said , I tried to brush some of it off, but was afraid I'd damage it.
Thanks for the advice.

Made in us
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge

Alot of flock on the teams. Try making up some mud. I liked that idea and it'll be fine. Also I would water the paint down. Im not being sarcastic but the paint on the buggy looks real thick/blurry. But the flock stuck to the buggy is in the right spots anyway.

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