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England , Plymouth

Hello , I have sent 7 Xbox 360 games worth around £80 to a Dakka Dakka member named Chrisharris the agreed trade was these seven games for 1X Imperial Guard Chimera , 1 X Imperial Guard Sentinel and 3X Imperial Guard Heavy weapons teams.

I promptly sent the items agreed on the 10th of August 2010 by first class post. Later he confirmed that on the 11th of August that he had recieved the games and was happy with them.

After a while i did not recieve the agreed items and decided to get in contact with Chrisharris , he had replied saying that his wife would be dealing with the posting of the items. The item still did not arrive so i made contact again to ask if it had been sent and he replied that it had. After this i waited a while and still did not recieve the agreed items. I got in contact with Ketara who told me to make contact once more to find out what was happening . I contacted Chrisharris and i had the reply that was telling me that he was now moving house and that he had a lot more important things on his mind , also saying that he would replace the models when he was in a more easy situation.

However it has been three months now and i still have not recieved the models that were agreed. And i havent heard from him since.

how would it be best to resolve this problem as i have been very paitent throughout the trade and have done all in my powers to get this resolved without having to make a transaction report.

Thanks for your time Paul.

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Skyfall Spearhead

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At this point, I would submit a mail fraud report with your local and his local police.

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Doncaster UK

I would like to take the opportunity to defend myself. I have split from my wife and involved with various and I'm sorry to say much more important things. I have 2 small children and unknown to myself extremely large debts. The items were posted and unfortunately did not arrive. The games are not worth the amount stated. I have an excellent track record here and with Ebay, as well as warhammer forum. I will offer an agreement to cover the cost of items at a reasonable rate, and not the inflated amount Paul has stated or models I will source. I would like to apologise to all involved.

There is another member who I have traded with here who is also waiting models, I am glad to say I can count him as a friend and someone with children who can understand the emotional difficulties the destruction of a marriage and separation from children causes.

Chris Harris

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I'm more than happy to supply anyone with the messages and the replies sent. This is not something I expected from the gaming community here.

Chris Harris

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Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

At this point, with all of the things you have going on, it would seem that the best thing to do would be as you have said (to cover the cost of the items). 2 1/2 months out would make a lot of people worried... although I'm very sorry to hear about all that you have going on.

If one of you could update us when this or another resolution has ocurred, I will lock this thread.

Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

This transaction has been resolved via PM to the satisfaction of both parties. The PMs that I received from both were courteous and effective in reaching a resolution, and I personally would feel completely comfortable trading with either of them.

I'm going to lock this thread, if for some reason anyone has something that needs to be added that was not covered above, please PM me.
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