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Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

Well here is my warrior army, with a few big tyranids in for flavor, you might notice the early paint jobs of brite yellows a greens ,( which i liked and reminded me of starship troopers too much..) so i went with a deeper yelow to almost light brown/khaki, with a Dark elfskin tone too the hard shells and back....
Im still working on the airbrush design for the back something like a red stripe pattern or a few spots here and there....

The colors are all reaper master series which i shoot thur my airbrush... so there more vidit(sp)
There alot of Pictures and and converison( with the warriors) and alpha warriors.. the Lictor is scratched built.

will add more when i get to a download area
[Thumb - tyranids 001.JPG]
this is my superfex ( has a trygon body) makes him looks more beefer and angry

[Thumb - tyranids 002.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 003.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 004.JPG]
same super fex but with flash

[Thumb - tyranids 005.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 006.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 007.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 008.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 009.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 010.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 011.JPG]
this is the two broods at once dakkafex and combat fex with new paint scheme

[Thumb - tyranids 012.JPG]
one of the fexs

[Thumb - tyranids 013.JPG]
still need to add detail work too all the models but there table ready

[Thumb - tyranids 014.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 015.JPG]

Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

oK MORE fex , some of the warriors, ravanger, shrikes, and i think my harpy is in there too , coming up a tyrgon with ravagner, as knock knock is the Miss home(mallaw emerging from a room) with dead space marine.... Oh take a look at the one that almost got away.... makes you wonder how aglie warriors are?
[Thumb - tyranids 016.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 017.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 018.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 019.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 020.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 021.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 036.JPG]
death of a fex i had extra pieces so i made a dying carnifex here

[Thumb - tyranids 039.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 036.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 038.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 061.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 112.JPG]
one that almost got away

[Thumb - tyranids 041.JPG]
M spore with warriors emerging from it

[Thumb - tyranids 127.JPG]
three lash warriors

[Thumb - tyranids 046.JPG]
my trio of shrikes, I have more pic just ask

[Thumb - tyranids 138.JPG]
top veiw of all warriors minus 4

Made in gb
Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


Great work so far! Keep it up

Made in se
Irked Necron Immortal

Sweden, Stockholm

I would like more pics of the shrikes, please!
Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

Here you go the trio of Shrikes, I used the large talons for ribs on the wings( i saw a pic on the forgeworld hive tyrant with those and gave me a ideal and im using tissue paper for the skin of the wings( after i prime the its going too give them a leathery look and feel too.
these ones are armed with lash whips and bone swords( there in the process of being maked, I have one landing , one in flight and one walking so far..
my plan was too have nine all together so i can use three groups of three or any combo i want.
there going to be a different color then the rest of the army due to there fliers ( to match the sky line)

the Shrikes are made from warrior tails, legs tyrgon small talons, ravaener talons, regular talons, lash whips( from the vemonthrope, ravaenger bodies with devouer chests and regular chests of warriors.

and here a picture of the harpy too

Harpy is made from fex legs and tails section just extented a tyrgon body, and wings from many large talons

and my lictor which was scratch built out of a spore mine, warrior body and tail and other tyranid parts, i have him perched on a pille of torsos
[Thumb - tyranids 106.JPG]
harpy wip

[Thumb - tyranids 107.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 108.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 109.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 110.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 046.JPG]
shrike walker

[Thumb - tyranids 047.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 048.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 049.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 050.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 051.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 052.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 053.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 054.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 055.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 056.JPG]
in flight

[Thumb - tyranids 057.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 058.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 059.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 060.JPG]

[Thumb - tyranids 073.JPG]
the lictor

[Thumb - tyranids 074.JPG]

Made in ca
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Interesting way to do the wings.

Great conversion work.

A lot. 5K +
DH: 750

Back to 40K after a 6 year absence. Grey Knights and a new SM Army planned.
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Made in us
Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

I tried the long thin fingers it looked too dragon like or deamon like... i wanted alien or tyranid looking semi armoured wings that can be used as weapons or shielding while on the ground.
Made in au
Regular Dakkanaut


Hi - I really like the colour scheme - especially that red stripe down the back.

How do you blend the red in so well that it looks like a gradual change in colour rather than a sharp contrast? I haven't gotten the hang of that particular skill yet...

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Made in us
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Arlington TX, but want to be back in Seattle WA

Interesting color scheme, seem like they inhabit a jungle world or something. I like the organic look you have given them. Cant wait to see some more progress!

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