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Made in gb
Revered Kroothawk

west london

Pictures of one of my more recent works for a competition down at my FLGS. It won the competition-hurrah so I'm chuffed with it. Feel free to comment on any improvements that you think could be made, including making the cloud look less like toothpaste . Enjoy.
[Thumb - IMG_6121.JPG]
The elf.

[Thumb - IMG_6122.JPG]
A bit closer.

[Thumb - IMG_6126.JPG]
Closer still.

[Thumb - IMG_6123.JPG]
Gratuitious back shot.

[Thumb - IMG_6124.JPG]
Close up of the orb on the staff.

Made in us
Crafty Bray Shaman

The cloud is fine, if you are going for an anime effect. I think that model definatly deserved to win! It has very nice highlights, and is not too over the top .

Made in us
Long-Range Land Speeder Pilot

In the battlefield

I love that orb in his staff man that looks badass!! good job!

You are not free whose liberty is won by the rigour of other, more righteous souls. Your are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honourable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. This time you will stand alone and fight for yourselves. Now you will pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and human blood.  
Made in gb
Revered Kroothawk

west london

Cheers for the comments. Unfortunately I was aiming for a magically infused cloud, although anime is definitely more positive than toothpaste
Made in gb
Ferocious Blood Claw

Glasgow, UK

oo I like, excellent paint job and I like the combination of bits used to form a really nice pose! Tbh I like the cloud. Gratz on the win!

Edit- forgot to comment on the cape- awesome free hand design!

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