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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

Im 2/3rds thru my Luftwaffe list using the Stalingrad intel book. painting troops has been sorta fun three full platoons is much I dont know if I would want to do a russian army after painting these guys..LOL Im liking the history and back ground info on these guys and the blue/gray uniforms look really cool on the gaming table.

SO what are you working on?

Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Some AMerican stuff. I was thinking of doing Army infantry
with Ranger support. Slow going, though. I'm more excited
by the warmachine figs.

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Made in us
The Last Czarnian

The Northwest Territory

I'm working on my DAK Panzergrenadiers from 21. Panzerdivision.  Finishing up my 2nd platoon, then onto the heavy platoon, Panzer IVs, and various support vehicles.

Made in us

Amongst the Stars, In the Night

I have a pretty extensive collection of figures I'm working on, though all are currently on the back burner as I try to grind out a complete WHFB army. What I do have painted up is a full company of Mot. PzGrenadiers, a heavy company, and lots of StuG IIIG and StuGIV's. All are from Herman Göring Division which, despite the "FallshirmPanzer Division" moniker it got late in the war, was essentially a Panzer/PanzerGrenadier formation with extra anti-air artillery. Lots of extra AAA... like three times a regular division's amount. Eventually I'll have a full TO&E for one or two battalions of infantry, Pioneer support, and both a recce and a panzer battalion by the time I'm done painting. Whenever that is.

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