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Brainy Zoanthrope

Okay guys, this has been a long drawn out process, and I just want to point out that today I filed a police report with Chris Harris local authorities as well as my own, I want to advise anyone outside of the UK, and potentially inside as well, to avoid trading with him. This is too long to type up everything so I am going to quote my messages with mods, and in all fairness post the mods response and findings. I understand Chris has a chance to post his side, but I want to let anyone know who plans on dealing with him to be EXTREMELY cautious while doing so, and if possible avoid the trade. Chris has a history of packages "being lost in the mail", I will link you to his other report as well, so far -2 for chris on Dakka. Please read the messages for details. Also, i had began to put together a blog of everything but once i realized it wouldnt make a difference i gave up on that idea, however all messages to and from have been printed.

Chris has offered no compensation and told me that instead of accusing him of thief i should accept the loss and move on. Dakka is use at your own risk, so I warn you members of Dakka think FOUR times before trading with him.

PMs with moderating team deleted- please just stick to the facts of your dealings with chrisharris. Thanks - The Mgmt

Package was sent to Chris Harris
Chris Harris confirms receipt of the package
Chris Harris advises me he has sent the package and his local post does not allow any type of insurance options, email or signature confirmations, or tracking information
I get a notice for a package for the box next to me at my apartment, i tell chris about this
Chris suddenly has a tracking number and it shows the items being delivered to me
Once i reiterated this was for the box next to me and requested this tracking information chris harris states he made a mistake and doesnt have it
Chris then tells me that HE didnt ship the item on the AGREED date, instead his FATHER shipped it a WEEK LATER
Called post in his area regarding tracking, shipping, insurance ect, post advised they offer all of these, and that he could have purchased insurance for 1 on the package and it would include tracking information
Called my local post to confirm this, they advise he had all those options
Chris presents a receipt (http://img826.imageshack.us/i/img001g.jpg/) in which he advised it was a hand written receipt that is proof he sent the item, i do not believe this.
I call both post's again, anonymously inquiring about this method, both advise it is not common practice (PM me for numbers that were called)
Chris tells me i should not accuse him and advises me to accept my loss and move on from it.
Mods say that since chris worked out his last deal, the whole 40 dollars worth (want the MOD PMS just message me), and that chris does not appear to be a scammer

I believe this is all the facts

Link to chris harris other transaction report:

If anyone has ANY questions about this transaction please feel free to contact Ketra or I for details. I have screen shots of ALL PMS from all mods, as well as chris harris so just PM me for specifics including details on Chris Harris previous transaction.

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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Krudd, I've edited your post above. The point of a transaction report is to demonstrate your dealings with chrisharris, not with the swap shop moderators.

It would be much more helpful to post the PMs you received from him, as well as the receipt in question, instead.

I was hoping this could be resolved peacefully- despite the fact that this occurred previously, chrisharris reimbursed the last user whose package was lost in the mail through paypal and the TR was resolved.

You will also need to edit your signature, as we do not allow signatures about other members of Dakka Dakka.

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Made in us
Brainy Zoanthrope

Everything has been edited including the signature, as far as removing links i dont think that linking anything like that is against site rules? If anyone has any further questions about this or even the previous transaction please let me know i have all PMS from RiTides, ChrisHarris, and Ketra saved
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

I still see the signature; the edit may not have gone through.

I'd like to reiterate that the swap shop is caveat emptor (buyer beware) and Dakka doesn't take responsibility for any trades. However, that doesn't mean that we (as swap shop moderators) don't try to help mediate disputes at times. It is unfortunate that this has not been able to be resolved up to this point... I usually advise saving police filings for an absolute last resort.

The amount chrisharris sent last time was actually 40 pounds, which comes out to $65 or so...

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Made in us
Brainy Zoanthrope

I apologize about this misunderstanding in price, yes it is unfortunate that it hasnt been resolved however i have sent chris many requests for compensation, having my models sent back to me, anything, and he doesnt respond. Kind of like he did with you and the last transaction, he refuses to respond to me. Since Ketra's message I have asked him to contact his local post requesting a refund or something and to be compensated, but as normal he doesnt respond. Please note this was $190 DOLLARS worth of goods, not 60, thats 3 times the amount.

I believe the police report was the last resort, MODS find him unliable and believe he is a legit trader, user will no longer respond to requests, and has no real solid proof of transaction. I ate the 190 but I am continuing to explore options on how to file lawsuits ect, but oversea's is making it quite difficult.

RiTides, i wish you guys would have done some further research such as calling these posts to get real facts instead of taking just both of our words for this, I realize and understand this is not your jobs and you are not required to, but before making a final decision in calling him correct, or even I correct for that matter, i wish you had explored the facts, and not opinions based on a previous transaction. This is completely different and a total separate matter at hand.

The members name was removed from my signature, however i do not believe the link needs to, there is no difference in linking a blog, or swap thread, or a transaction report, so that will stand.
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

It's your choice to remove the signature, or have it removed by a normal mod...

As to the research, the only piece of evidence is this, which I had saved and re-uploaded in the right orientation:

The problem with calling this a scam (and using that language Always escalates things, and can make the other user hostile, especially if they Did send a package that was lost) are three things:

1) Cheap post from the UK is notorious for being lost in the mail. Insurance should have been gotten, and that needs to be discussed between the two of you (preferably ahead of time) but the point stands. I have had a package lost from the UK before as well, and the sender let me know it wasn't the first time.

2) Chrisharris, despite having poor communication, Did reimburse the last user for the trade.

3) Ketara, who lives in the UK, tells me that it is common practice to write the zip code on the receipt, and that his postmaster does the same, similar to how postal workers write the zip code on a delivery confirmation slip in the US.

In our PMs to you, we were simply encouraging you to continue to work towards a resolution, and that it appeared to us not to be a scam. It really is inconclusive, but there are a lot of things pointing to this being a genuine case of a lost package, which there are many ways of resolving... but a police filing is not a way to encourage the other user to do so.

Chrisharris was (as you are) frustrated about this, and mentioned deleting his account, and may not be checking here. If you have alternate contact information, I would pursue communicating with him... preferably in a way that would encourage some sort of compromise.

Unfortunately, that's all we can do... but I posted this to let you know that we Did consider things, and tried to mediate as much as we could, but when language starts escalating it becomes much more difficult to resolve.
Made in us


This TR is already well past skirting the line of out-and-out calling people out as scammers. As it is, we (the SwapMods) have two sides of the story and frankly not enough evidence to say definitively what did or did not occur. We can just tell you what our opinions are of the situation.

While we are sorry to hear that this trade did not go smoothly and remains unresolved, it does seem that you've already made up your mind on what course of action you are going to take.

As it is right now, I really don't see this TR doing any service other than being potentially used as a soapbox, which is something that doesn't have any benefit to this website. I'm locking unless there's any significant resolution/development to this transaction.


Madness and genius are separated by degrees of success.

Remember to follow the Swap Shop Rules and Guidelines! 
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Fresh-Faced New User

Doncaster UK

First of all I am not a scammer, I have many trades here, Warhammer Forums and Ebay, I gave Krudd all my user names to prove this fact. I have made various errors due to my personal circumstances. But for the record I have been a member here for nearly 3 years with many successful trades. At the moment I am a working teacher with 2 children in my full time care. Between working and caring for my children I have limited time for my hobby which comes a very distant 3rd.

I did make mistakes in the trade, but then so did Krudd. I should have sent the package insured and registered, but then Krudd should have done likewise. Krudd received a Customs Notification which I can only presume as being my package. Krudd's package took 4 weeks to arrive, it have been open and searched by US customs, I was concerned but never made accusations or threats.

My father did send the parcel due to the fact that I was attending an IT Conference. I do have the receipt and am looking into claim for it's loss but after threats and accusations, it hardly endears me to fighting his corner over the lost parcel. The notes on the receipt had notes made by my Post Master, something that is done by due course in the UK, as far as I am concerned this is all the evidence I need, I am not responsible for the US or the UK Postal Service.

I do have one lost parcel from a previous trade, this happened during my divorce. It was lost but due to my situation I was unable to retrieve it. I paid for the lost goods, this happened once.

I hope this explains everything clearly from my perspective. I understand Krudd's upset but threats and accusations is not the way I would expect to be treated or treat other, particular using information I proved and to another site and slander my name and reputation there. To clarify, I myself have been the victim of a Scammer and lost packages. Ketara will acknowledge this and I help track the culprit down...

Thanks for reading.

Chris Harris

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Made in gb
Killer Klaivex

I'm relocking. If anyone has relevant information to add, feel free to ask one of the SwapMod team to re-open.

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