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large scale mk3/2 marine wip  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Ok so I was bored and after a new hrs yesterday I had this done . But what I want to know is which legion shall I paint it and what weapons shall he have once the arms are done ?
[Thumb - IMAG0537.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0538.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0542.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0541.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0543.jpg]

Made in us
Kinebrach-Knobbling Xeno Interrogator

The Emperor's Right Hand

The back of the legs look really good. Reminds me a bit of the Engineer armour from Dead space.

Für Mein Gott-Kaiser Ich Den Krieg Ziehen

My Culexus/Inquisitor/Imperial Guard Fan-fic


Made in gb
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Ok had a free Hr 2day so did the arms and the basecoat and salt masking ..he's gonna be a Luna wolf but still don't know what weapons I'm checking out rogue trader c.c. weapons later....
[Thumb - IMAG0556.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0557.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0558.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0559.jpg]

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Omadon's Realm

Nice work.

How large is it btw? Also, any particular HH character it's based on?

Made in gb
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


No its just gonna be a capt ether world eaters or Luna wolves. It based on the Artemis mini so its about 70mil high.
Going to attempt a RT style plasma pistol and scimitar style chain sword for him ..
Made in gb
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Ok after looking at this yesterday and it was just too grey and boreing so ive decided to restart painting it . so after looking at the new IA book im going to paint it up as howling griffens mainly as i want to practice my yellows ..so will post pics monday ..
Made in gb
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Basecoat and first washes done for shadowing except on the yellow knee and thigh which are done . Helms gona be gold .
[Thumb - IMAG0569.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0568.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0565.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0567.jpg]

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